24 Things To Know Before Turning 24

24 Things To Know Before Turning 24
I am 24 today...

It feels surreal to say that. Life has been so amazing to me. I have learned a lot, and I have grown a lot as well. Every year on my birthday, I take the opportunity to write this __ Things To Know Before Turning __ in my journal except for last year I decided to make it public where I shared 23 Things To Know Before Turning 23 here, and now here it is again. A compilation of musings from the past year, seeing how much change there has been. And I would say it's a lot.

Here are my 24 Things To Know Before Turning 24.

  1. There is a lot of negativity in the world, the last thing you need is more negativity. Be good to your soul. Show yourself more kindness, love, and grace.
  2. Everything else in this world change, only God does not. 
  3. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate how far you have come even it's the littlest bit.
  4. Not one answer is the answer to every problem.
  5. No situation or problem is permanent in life. It's going to work out in the end. Trust the process.
  6. Cats are little bits of heaven. They bring so much joy and that's on period.
  7. No one will help you more than you can help yourself. If you want something to happen, get off your ass and make it happen. Opportunities don't just fall from the sky, you gotta make it happen.
  8. Worrying gets you nowhere. It's pointless. So just shift your focus and control what you CAN control.
  9. If something doesn't make you happy anymore, stop doing it, leave it, let it go.
  10. Life is going to flow how it flows.
  11. You are so young still. You don't have it all together and it's fine. There's so much pressure to be the most secure person by the age of 20-something, the most successful, the one who married first. It takes time to create your journey in life. If we had it all together now, there would be nothing to strive for.
  12. The feeling of being stagnant is a danger zone. Most of the time.
  13. You are both a student and a teacher. You will never stop learning. But as you learn, you have gained so much to share with others.
  14. Love is not running out of style. There's no need to rush. Your love life is NOT a competition. Period with a T.
  15. Be your own best friend. You can't expect too much from the best friends of yours.
  16. Nobody is in charge to manipulate your stand/ principles but yourself. 
  17. “Don't play where you eat.”
  18. Not crossing off everything on your to-do list is okay.
  19. It's okay to be both introverted and extroverted. Don't have to feel like you have to fit into a mold of anything or anyone.
  20. Always spend some time having a deep, heart-to-heart talk with someone you love.
  21. Your education doesn't define you. 
  22. Having a journal is not bullshit. Having a gratitude list is not a waste of time. 
  23. Love your job but never fall in love with the company.
  24. It's okay to be high maintenance.
Off to celebrate! Thank you so much for all the thoughtful birthday wishes and messages, guys. You made my day! xx
What else you need to add to the list before turning 24?


  1. Happly belated birthday Lenne! May Allah always Bless you <3

  2. Happy belated birthday! This was such a lovely post to read and your photos are beautiful xx


  3. I loooved this piece! It's so nice to see what you learnt in 24 years. "24. It's okay to be high maintenance." is definitely one I'm trying to manage. x


    1. Thank you! It's definitely more than 24 but I just wanna make it fancy xx

  4. I hope you had an amazing 24th birthday! I love this 24 things you've curated. I especially love #6! :) x

    Mari | www.dazedmari.com

    1. Thank you so much, Mari. Yesss, cats are too adorable xx

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