Hello, gorgeousness! I hope you're having a productive day today. I know I am. I love how busy my schedule looks right now. The new year has been wonderful to me so far. I am managing orders for my new CD painting business (@sistersandbrushes on Instagram!) that I believe deserves its own spotlight on this platform. I will talk more about it, don't you worry. 

ANYWAY, I think it's fitting to have some fun today. I haven't done a tag in a hot minute. Doing tags are so much fun and I feel like they're lowkey a little bit left behind. I don't know why but I used to do them a lot back then. So I am bringing the old days back 'cause we're answering some juicy questions created by 90's LoveChild on YouTube!

The Beauty Consumer Tag

01 | How much do you spend on makeup a month? A year?

Some people think I only buy makeup products right after payday. But most of the year I was keeping myself on a makeup budget. I had a budget laid out for myself which indicated how much money I was going to spend per month. I stuck to the RM200-RM300 limit per month. I don't want to go over RM300 because I have other commitments. 

02 | Do you ever feel guilty about how much you spend on makeup?

I used to feel guilty about it and I still do sometimes, in recent times. But most of the time now I don't feel guilty at all because makeup makes me feel happy and content. You don't feel guilty for spending on things that gonna make you feel happy. 

03 | Do you get 'FOMO' related to makeup releases?

Not at all. I never really have.

04 | Do you purchase or keep items simply because they are limited edition?

I don't really care about it at all. It's just going to fuel up my anxiety if I end up loving it and have nowhere to repurchase it. Also, it irks me how the word 'limited edition' is a scam because nothing is ever truly a limited edition nowadays. 

05 | Would you be willing to pay more money for a sold-out product online?

I never have and will probably never do. 

06 | Do you wish you could spend more? Or less?

To be honest, I am pretty much content with how much money I spent on makeup. I only buy products that I run out of, mostly. So yeah, pretty happy with the budget I created for myself.

07 | Do you feel compelled to buy something when you see it in someone else's collection?

Only if I trust the person's recommendations. A lot of the time, no. It's not my thing to have what everybody's having. 

08 | Do you buy more during the holidays?

Yes. Mainly because there are a lot better sales and it's a really good opportunity to save. I love to get deals for myself. Don't makeup be more appealing when it's discounted? Lol. 

09 | Have you ever hidden a makeup purchase from family or friends?

Nope. Never. I get so excited whenever I buy makeup products so I always want to share happiness with the people around me.

10 | Do you have more than ten products in your collection that you have not used in over a month?

I have way more than 10 products. It's quite concerning. Mostly my eyeshadow palettes and lip products. Concealers, foundations, primers, mascaras are the ones that I rotate through regularly though.

11 | Have you ever been pressured to purchase something you could not afford or did not need?

Never. I think having a makeup budget is a wonderful thing. It keeps me from buying something impulsively or something that is over my budget.

12 | Do you purchase makeup for collector reasons?

Not at all. If I don't like it then I won't buy it.

13 | In your makeup journey have you become less or more consumeristic?

I don't know if it's more or less but let's put it this way: I think I have become smarter and self-aware as a consumer now. I don't buy products for the sake of wanting to have a bigger, impressive collection and not utilizing it. I am pretty selective when it comes to makeup. I won't buy a lot of things at once to be seen as a legit beauty enthusiast. I feel like I am doing good in the way of how I spend my money now.

That's that! This was a really great tag and I had absolutely fun with it. I really want to know you guys' answers. If you haven't done this, I encourage you to do it because it's cool! 

How would you answer the second question of the Beauty Consumer Tag? Let me know in the comments!