The Best Way To Stick To A Bullet Journal

Hello, gorgeousness! I know I've never posted anything when it comes to my bullet journal here. That doesn't mean I am not taking it seriously or I basically scam people. I have my own reasons but just so you know I've been bullet journaling for about two years now and for the last few months, I've finally been able to stick to it every single day. That's quite an achievement for me. So here's my story where I went from "Okay, okay I drink water yesterday whatever" to "I can't go a day without you!"

You don't need a ton of additional spreads

I admit when I first got into bullet journal I added too many spreads that I end up not using because I thought I will be more productive and engaged that way. I used to have a mood tracker, hydrate tracker, last replaced items tracker, and a brain dump. I guess I was a little too excited? 

Just stick to the bullet journal system. Too many spreads can overwhelm you. I remember just picking up my bullet journal and thinking it started to become like a chore because I have to fill out more than five spreads. If you're a beginner, I would say just stick to the daily logs first and gradually add 1 or 2 more spreads that'll benefit you over time. 

Finding the best theme that works for you

This is can be tricky. Everyone has their own style that is personal to them. After experimenting with lots of styles from super crowded and doodle everywhere to minimalism. I've tried them all before. But one thing I did learn that is minimalism theme is not for me. It's not crazy productive FOR ME. I thought my first bullet journal was way too elaborated and crowded so I took it down a notch. It did work but only for about two months then I stopped using it. 

It looked so boring and dull and I needed a little splash of color. Minimalism might work for you but it was not for me and that's okay. One can be productive with all of those beautifully drawn doodles, that's completely okay too. Work with what's best for you. As for me, I need a little bit of everything. Not so minimalistic I would say, but not so much of a creative doodling as well. 

It's fine to miss days out in your journal

You don't have to beat yourself up for not picking up your journal for a day or two as long as you're able to adjust to new conditions and able to modified something for a new purpose. There were days where I feel super sick and can't get out of my bed to pick up my bullet journal for the life of me. I could skip a day or two and catch up with the days that I missed later. You'll be just fine. 

Great choice of pens and paper

I don't know if this is a thing but it irks me when pens leak through the pages. I automatically feel awful and demotivated. I still have them in my bullet journal and it pains me to see it seeped through the other side of the page. It completely destroys the polished look of the bullet journal. So if this is something that irks you too and makes you feel like you have to stop bullet journaling, you just have to get the right pen or the right paper. 

What makes you stick to a bullet journal?