This month is good, especially for the blog. I posted pretty consistently (well, 5 blog posts in a month is consistent enough for me) and I have been very happy with my content, too. I noticed a little growth on my stats and I am just on the roll at the moment, I guess! Noticed that February has provided us with some really nice weather to be outdoors too and I ended up spending many days outside along with my tea (or coffee). 

Five Things In February 2021
February was loaded with new experiences!

February's Highlights

1. My first bullet journal video on Instagram!

When it comes to my journal, it's so personal to me, and showing it for the world to see is probably one of the most frightening things I have ever done. I know it's not that deep but for the past years, I was journaling in some type of a hush-hush way. 

So why I chose to show it now? I don't have any solid reasons but that video was an impromptu one, to be honest. I didn't plan on recording myself doing all the spreads but it happened. It was such an anxious moment after pressing the 'Share' button but it was a success, I guess? It got a lot of impressions and traction. To top it off, I got a lot of sweet, kind messages from my Instagram peeps. I thought I would put this in my Five Things just because.

I have it saved on my Instagram highlights if you want to watch it! 

2. My sudden obsession with coffee?

I am not a coffee drinker at all. I don't hate it, I just prefer my tea more, they're not tooth-staining, but tell me why I could never give up on coffee this month? It's crazy considering how I'd develop heart palpitations and caffeine headaches just by drinking half a cup of coffee. I crave the taste of iced coffee with no sugar but a bit of cream a little too much this time. This can't be healthy for me. And I am drinking one as I am writing this post T.T

3. A low-buy for 2021

I know I talked about me being on a low-buy on my previous post, right? Just had to put it out there again real quick, I am in my mid-20s and I am currently jobless (apart from managing my CD painting business) but there's just a lot of other stuff that I need to be spending my money on. I am learning to drive, which comes with a big cost, too, right? Albeit a short-term. 

So I have set up a few rules that I need to stick to, to restrict my unhealthy spending habit. 
  • Big purchases can wait - items that I have my eye on, but aren't necessarily a need, i.e. an Apple watch that I have been obsessively eyeing. Let's say after a month or two I am still wanting it, I will consider a purchase.
  • Do not follow the trends and buy things just so I can "fit in".
  • No new clothing - except for Eid.
  • Low-buy beauty/ stationeries/ home decor - repurchase is tolerable but nothing over RM100 and as for new products, I am going to be limiting myself to only one (1) product in each category per month, and still nothing over RM100.
  • No impulse purchases

Honestly speaking, setting these rules for myself has been surprisingly freeing. I want to use as much of my free time to indulge in something that's going to benefit me. You will notice fewer beauty-related/ reviews/ hauls on my blog this year, which is sounded pretty sad. But I guess this is my time to give some life back to the topics that weren't getting as much spotlight as they should. If you have ever been in a low-buy before, please give homegirl a support!

4. Penthouse Season 2!!!

The hottest K-drama of all time. It's trending for a good reason. It's such a nerve-wracking drama, filled with the most unbelievable plot twists! Anything is possible in this drama so save your predictions. It's worth all the headaches and heartaches. Why do you think it's even made its own way into my year 2020 recap? It's THAT good. 

5. February's bullet journal flip through

Well, it's your turn now. How's your February?