Not going to lie, I had this post sitting in my drafts pile for almost 2 years now. And I am finally making my way to finishing it today. I am committed to clear all of my drafts this year. I have a lot and it's frustrating at times, but I have some cool topics to be shared. 

And one of them is this one. 

I have five of my favourite feelings when it comes to blogging. I just want to put it out there real quick, I have made tons of amazing friends from blogging. I don't usually do that but for the last several years I really pushed myself to just be out of my comfort zone and I have some really cool blogging friends now! 

I will never get bored of this space and the feelings I came across. Here are my Five Favorite Feelings While Blogging.

To just have an actual platform

I love the fact that I have my own space that allows me to talk about my passion, experiences, feelings, random things I bought and there are people who actually really listen or read. That's pretty cool. And when I hit a certain blogging target, for instance, to have my own domain, to reach a million views, or to secure brand deals, that's just surreal. That's when I say to myself "I did that, and no one can take that away from me."

When I upload risky content but it's actually well-received

Honestly, I have had tons of this kind of moment while blogging. It's not THAT risky but it's something that I was hesitant about and it will never fail to amaze me that people actually still read my blog and my blog posts. When I post something like I am Not Buying These or Is 'Blogging For Fun' Still Relevant? people actually kind of enjoy those posts. Some even message me privately to just have a conversation about the topic. I love that!

When people want to buy something because of me

This is a very accomplishing feeling, you know what I mean? I feel so happy whenever someone trusts my recommendations. I recommended a lot of bargains here and I really thank those whose buying decisions are ever impacted by me and my opinions. It's bizarre to actually have some kind of power to influence other people into trying something new. 

When people find my post helpful

I have shared a lot of tips here be it about skincare, blogging, bullet journalling, I got your back. When I share stuff with you, it means I tried it myself and it worked so why not share it, right? Sometimes it's just a random sharing session I did that didn't need much time to write and when they still find it helpful, I just felt like hugging everyone.

When people leave comments

Yes, just as simple as people leaving comments on my post saying that they can relate to it, or say nice things in general, that would absolutely make my day. I love getting comments and replying to them. This is something that I wouldn't do in my previous life as a blogger. I wasn't building a relationship or at least engaging with my readers. I used to get so insecure about getting comments but here I am now, it's one of favorite feelings when it comes to blogging. 

What are some of your favorite feelings while blogging? Did you guys relate to any of these feelings?