How To Deal With 'Meh' Days

I can't be the only one having multiple 'meh' days in a month. Lately, I have been having more 'meh' days than 'yay' days. A lot is going on in the world right now but even without that life can just be rough sometimes. Even the silliest things can make a normal day turn 'meh'. I think the biggest culprit here for me is hormones and lack of sleep. But whatever the case, 'meh' days happen to us all. 

How To Deal With 'Meh' Days

How to deal with 'meh' days?

Learn to accept it first

Well, having a rough day is normal. Everybody has their own rough days. They're bound to happen. So I would appreciate it if you could stop beating on yourself for not having everything figured out yet. Understand that not every day is an easy one. It's okay if you're not hitting any of those checkboxes on your planner today. Life's messy, we're all human and human doesn't need perfect-everything at every time.

Go for a morning/evening walk

Our body needs to soak up some sunshine as (moderate) exposure to the sunlight boosts the happiness hormones (serotonin) in our body. It really helps improve the mood and makes you calmer. The sun + the fresh air is my favourite combo to shake off those 'meh' in me. 

Organize your space

I feel more 'meh' when things are messy so spending some time to declutter, re-organize my vanity, do some cleaning, and folding clothes will lift my mood a little bit. So if you're into organizing and cleaning, definitely give this one a go during your 'meh' days.

Listen to upbeat music and dance!

Sometimes all you need is a good song and a little shake to turn your mood around. I can't really recommend anything to you because you have your own preference, right? But any song that picks you up, gives your energy and makes you feel the best version of yourself is good enough.

Judge me all you want but I listen to a lot of One Direction when I am having a rough day because they have a lot of positive vibes in their music and I personally feel appreciated while listening to most of their songs. 

Practice gratitude

Practicing gratitude is not easy especially when our mind is trained to focus a lot on the negatives. I have a gratitude log in my bullet journal but when I am having a major 'meh' day, I have a special notebook to jot down all the things I am grateful for in my life. This method can go a long way, guys.

Declutter on social media

As much as cleaning your real space, your virtual space needs a declutter as well. Recently, I took the opportunity to do a huge cleanup on my Instagram; I re-organized my Instagram story highlights, made use of the Close Friends list feature, and removed inactive followers/ dead Instagram accounts. It sure did take up a lot of time but you're all alone anyway, so...

Have a 'me' time

Speaking of alone, I think it's healthy to have some time to be alone and just appreciate one's own company. To be around people all the time can be overwhelming so having your own space and time to yourself would be precious. Go watch your favourite tv show,  drink a cup of tea, put on a sheet mask, experiment with a new makeup look, read a book, or just chill around with your thoughts.

Call/facetime your homies!

I have a very small group of friends and the friends that I open up to is even smaller but I trust them and treasure them a lot. Catching up with them is always a fun time and it cheers me up hearing them talk about their life. I will let them know when I am having a rough day. It's always great to have a place to vent to, you know what I mean?


This is a no-brainer because exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body. So I recently joined the Blogilates #1000AbChallenge and I am on day 4 today. I love challenges like this because it keeps me going and excited to complete a challenge. I did a pretty similar challenge 2 years ago and it went so well. If you're a slacker (like me) when it comes to exercising, I would say try something like this. It's super fun!

Take a nap

When all else fails, take a nap, so they say. Let the body have a rest and 'reset' moment. 
I hope you feel better! What's your favourite method to deal with 'meh' days?


  1. Yes to all of these points! A social media detox, exercising and talking to my pals always helps me x

    1. Yes to a social media detox! It rests your eye and mind xx

  2. A good nap always helps, plus lists and I love to speak to my nieces and nephews! x


    1. Conversations with our nieces and nephews be hella interesting because their intentions are so pure! xx

  3. Walks always make my 'meh' days a bit better! Fresh air really helps. These are some really good tips! Thank you for sharing xx

    1. I agree! I need extra sunlight and fresh air during my 'off' days. Thanks for reading, Em! xx

  4. I'm having that "meh" mood right now. Haven't been out of my blogging slump for a week-ish T_T Going to gather that motivated and start on something soon!

    1. Praying real hard for you to get your blogging mojo back, Wany! I've missed your content so much at this point haha :D No pressure though. Take your time and come back when you're ready xx

  5. Music always gets me out the worst moods and having some "me" time. Great post!


  6. I love these tips! Logging out of social media, putting an upbeat playlist on (I made a Spotify playlist especially for this purpose) and going out for a ride on my horse are a surefire way to cheer me up :)