Best Shopee Finds Under RM100

Hello, gorgeousness! In this post, I will be taking you to my 12 random, best Shopee finds under RM100. Surprisingly, my previous Shopee finds post was such a hit so I am doing another one. It's going to be home products heavy that you may not need but who knows. Take this opportunity to shop during Shopee Raya Special month and save your moolah. (Some links used in this post are affiliate links)


Sunset Projector

I saw a lot of people on TikTok is going bananas over these sunset projector lights. This is one of the best ways to give your space that warm, good vibes while making it look extra dreamy and fancy. It also looks like something that will instantly lifts up your mood!

LED Light Strips

I am sure you have seen these before but if this is brand new to you, no biggie. Light strips are nothing complicated whatsoever. You can attach these pretty much everywhere you want in your house and you have full control through an app or the remote control to adjust whichever color you like. This is so cool!

Cute Cat Air Humidifier

I have been eyeing this air humidifier for a while. I have one that's functioning well so far I guess when that dies on me, I will be getting this one. It has the upgraded ultrasonic technology (whatever that may be) and a touch screen button and of course a super cute cat ear design.


Artificial/ Dried Flowers

Artificial flowers never go out of style and they're here to stay. These are great quality artificial flowers and my favorite ones are the pampas and wheat. It's so simple yet it's so stylish to have in your home. I like the vibe I am getting with these artificial flowers.

Modern Clear Glass Vases

You can't go wrong with these modern clear glass vases. They serve a lot of purposes and pretty much one of the most handy types of vases to own. It looks great on its own or filled with lots of immaculate artificial flowers!

Vinyl Self-Adhesive Flooring

A great one to have if you need a quick fix to improve your space. This is great if you're a DIY kind of person and you want to have the experience of a professional, beautiful-looking floor without having to pay a hefty amount of cost. 

Soft Fluffy Carpet

I own two of these and I can't resist the urge to bury my feet just for fun into the plush and soft-touch carpet. A well-placed fluffy, shaggy carpet can instantly make a space look ten times more opulent, no? Just me? 

Faux Fur Throw Pillowcase

As if a fluffy carpet is not enough, I have a fluffy faux fur throw pillow case for you! Is it just me or fluffy everything can completely transform the feel of your space by creating soft texture and coziness? Just me again? I just love a good luxurious coziness in my house.

Office/ Organizers/ Misc

Minimalist Nordic Style Desk

I have a very simple workspace setup at home and this is perfect for my workspace vibe. This one is giving me the Scandinavian style of desk and I am living for the simplicity!

IKEA Style Nordic Chair

Don't you love a minimal style of chair like this one? It's all over Pinterest and I have been itching to get one for myself. You know what, I am just going to get all the Pinterest-worthy chairs and desks. 

Silicone USB Cable Organizer

Aren't you tired of searching for the right cable through your cluttered socket extension? Well, I am. I will throw a fit if they're all tangled so it's time to have a couple of these USB cable organizers to keep them all tangle-free.

Sturdy Clip-On Tablet/ Phone Stand

I will admit, I am a sucker for phone stands like these because I love to watch videos on YouTube while laying down on my bed so it's really handy to have one. I will search for the best phone stand on Shopee and I found this one. It's definitely sturdy and I don't have to attach this one to my body, thank god!

Are going to snatch any of these items? Let me know your best Shopee finds!