Whoops! I am so behind my schedule right now. I know I have been so absent lately and I have missed talking to you guys so much. I took a break, once again. I am just going through some stuff and I am just gonna say this, I would really appreciate it if you could spare some time to pray for my mental wellbeing. Not going to elaborate this further but I hope we are ALL going to be okay. Anywayyy.

Five Things In March 2021
March was such a rollercoaster ride.

March's Highlight

1. My first wedding event after several lockdowns!

Despite a worldwide pandemic and lockdown that pretty much saw a ban on weddings, like literally, many of my friends' wedding ceremonies got postponed since last year. I can safely say that it was such a moment when I had to get ready to finally attend my colleague's wedding.

I have been putting on makeup during lockdowns for myself and myself only to see and no places to go. When I was beating my face with makeup that day (it was such a good makeup day, btw) and the thought of eating lauk kenduri with my makeup on was lit. Don't mind me, homegirl just wants to flex her makeup look.

Five Things In March 2021

To be honest, I was in a dilemma because obviously there were going to be other guests so I was really like: “Will SOPs and proper cleaning protocols be followed? I hope there will be no close contact among guests.” I, of course, took the extra precaution of applying several coats of hand sanitizer every 15 minutes and put my mask on if I want to talk to people to take safety into account. It was such a simple yet immaculate wedding ceremony, btw.

2. Instagram Reels

Tell me why we're always late to the bandwagon. I believe Instagram Reels launched back in 2020 and it was just recently available on my Instagram app. Anyway, if it doesn't ring any bell, this is TikTok 2.0, you guys. I don't see the point of me installing the TikTok app because I am hooked to this Instagram Reels! I can kinda see why. And to be honest, I think Reels is more appropriate for me because I feel like an old fossil on TikTok. I can see myself really utilizing this new feature because as we're saying, I am already on my way to recording my next Reel. My Instagram is @lennezulkiflly

3. March's bullet journal flip through

Five Things In March 2021
Five Things In March 2021

4. Of doing the K-pop idols 90 degrees shoulder workout

Being a totally not crazy K-idols fan, I realized that most female K-idols have something in common and that is killer collarbone + sexy neck and shoulder lines. They have this almost like a 90 degrees shoulder line and that's what makes them look like a total hottie in every outfit. Not going to lie, my many years of bad posture really did their damage. So to fix that I took the plunge and do some stretching routine for my neck and shoulders for 15-30 minutes every day for a month to see if I can get that killer collarbones and beautiful neck and shoulder lines.

A month has passed, did it make a drastic change? No, I don't think my shoulders were reformed into a complete K-idols killer shoulder. HOWEVER, it's slightly better than a month ago and my collarbones are more defined. If anything, I became much more flexible after a month of painful stretching. It's worth it! I am so going to incorporate this into my everyday workout routine.

5. ABH Soft Glam eyeshadow palette

This should come as no surprise because I don't shut up about this palette ever since I got it. This was way before my 2021 low buy and it was like a self-reward-thingamajig. Anyway, it has been over a month and I am still obsessed with it. It's so beautiful for everyday shade, it has every color that I need to create an everyday daytime or nighttime look. 

Honestly, these are the only shades I gravitate towards as of now because it's going to take a while for me to incorporate vibrant, wild colors into my looks again. This palette is so useful for me, I can throw this in my travel bag and feel fine with every shade and not feel like I need to pull in another palette.

How's your March? What are you grateful for last month?