My Lifestyle Blogging Journey

This is a story of me becoming a lifestyle blogger. 

Back in my early days of blogging, I posted quite a lot of beauty-related articles that in 2019, I had the urge to tell the whole wide world that beauty blogging is meant for me. I mean, it's my dream to run a beauty blog (and I have one) and product reviews, as well as beauty talks, are the bread-and-butter of this blog. What could possibly be wrong?

Well, for starters, I have lost my beauty blogging mojo. I am still interested in makeup products in general but to blog about it? It's different now. The community is well saturated. I feel like there's not enough place for me anymore.

Second, COVID took over the world and the season of staying-in began. I know that's a terrible excuse but in all honesty, that's when I knew I had to change path. The pandemic didn't only force many businesses to shut down but also to revamp their businesses. As far as bloggers, it's thriving and some of us have to evolve our niches.

As a creature of habit, change terrifies me. I mean, I went from talking about why I love makeup to blog about my favourite self-care rituals, from those new makeup products I just got to bullet journaling. It's their time to shine and I am glad I took the plunge. 

Please don't mind me saying the word evolve or evolving too much on this post but just like the world, lifestyle bloggers and influencers are definitely evolving and winning in 2021.

My blog has skyrocketed.

If you were to tell me that my blog is going to have around 1-3k views a day and more than 20k a month this year, I wouldn't believe you. My stats were pretty much stagnant towards the end of my beauty blogging era. Not that I care but it's there. It's there for a reason.

Fast forward to today, checking up on my stats is not a thing for me anymore. I don't mind it but for the record, my stats for the last 5 months were shockingly high. My blog keeps getting thousands of views a day even if I don't really promote it on my socials like certain bloggers or influencers.

Talking about socials...

I should be putting all my socials to good use because this is the right time. I have seen many brands shift their focus to niche blogs and niche influencers. While being a lifestyle blogger in the eye of strangers can be seen as all over the place, you still have the option on what topic you want to focus on, e.g. bullet journalling. 

My bullet journal is something that I share on both my blog and my Instagram. People love to see it and I am glad I don't shy about it anymore. And in 2021, short videos posted on Instagram and Tik Tok are becoming more and more popular. If you want to grow your blog, brand, reach, that's one of the best places to market yourself. 

I don't normally get partnerships from my Instagram Reels but it definitely has helped me big time when it comes to driving insane traffic to my website. I said it like I am a superstar or something but, to be honest, it made me feel like one. Bloggers and nano-influencers alike have built this kind of bond with their community that trust them, their reviews and will go out of their way to buy whatever they recommend. At least, that's what I am seeing and I love it!

What about “blogging for fun”?

It's always been my go-to and nobody can take that away from me. Before I even monetize my blog and accept brand deals and partnerships, I always blog for the sake of having fun. I bought a lot of things myself and shared them with my audience.

They love it and brands love it too when you have fun and you're honest. You don't search for them, they will come to you. No one can say no to bloggers because we're flourishing and we're the pioneer of content marketing.

Making a career out of digital content, being a lifestyle blogger or influencer might be rough but this is the right moment to explore and find a topic to focus on out of your niche and constantly creating quality content. You're going to be great.

You see, this whole evolving thing is totally doing me more good than harm. I found it interesting to discover new paths and I am incredibly lucky to have seen the growth that I have from this blog. When you're not afraid of changes, good things happen. I don't know how many more should I mention this but as someone who has a fear of changes, this is refreshing and inspiring me to do the best things under this new umbrella. 
What changes have you faced this year as a blogger or influencer?


  1. Wow girl I'm so proud of you!!! Look at those numbers!!! I love how your blog content has evolved into a lifestyle content! I am very happy for you xx <3

    Mari |

  2. Those numbers are amazing, well done you!! I love how you've evolved into lifestyle content, my blog has deffo taken more of that route this year xx

  3. It is so cool that your blog has grown so substantially! It's always fun to look back on the start of a journey so that you can see how far you've come. <3


    The Lotus List

  4. This put a massive smile on my face! I love that you're seeing such success with your blog and writing authentic content that feels good to you xx

    mia //

  5. Your numbers are amazing! I totally agree about the community being saturated (esp on instagram)! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

    1. Thank you!! Don't know if I can fit into those bubbles anymore but my love for beauty will never ever fade xx

  6. I was surprised at how much my blog views grew at the height of the pandemic. I still blog primarily about beauty, and have also added some health posts. I'd like to add more lifestyle... but need the pandemic to be over as my health is so poor! x


    1. Please continue to write beauty posts! You're one of the blogs that I often look up to. I trust your reviews and will always do xx

  7. OMG congrats, these are some incredible stats!

    Katie |

    1. Thank you! I'm shocked myself. It's been good for me. I'm so thankful xx