I Am Not Buying These #3

I Am Not Buying These #3

Hello, gorgeousness! Welcome to my first anti-haul post for 2022. I love doing these posts because I feel like they are a great warning as to why you shouldn't pick up some products. I know with all of the must-haves and favourites, it can become a little overwhelming. So this is like taking a step back and seeing you actually don't need everything in life.

As for me, it's mainly because I am doing another low-buy year so I probably won't be needing any of these. So the products I am going to be talking about may fall under the new category, older category or maybe they're just overrated. Without making this intro two thousand years long, let's see what are the things I won't be getting.

KVD Good Apple Skin Perfecting Foundation Balm

Oh, we're starting off strong. This is the foundation that gained so much popularity because of its dramatic look on the camera and the way it transforms the skin. I think it's funny how so many people have been saying it only looks great on camera but really isn't great in person. What's the point?

The formula is so strange. Lots of my oily skin sisters said it was way too emollient that it won't work and last on oily skin. It doesn't look that good on dry skin either. It feels like you need to have a very specific skin type for this foundation to look good on you. It's crystal clear that I won't be getting this. Although it's kind of promising with all these TikTok videos, I just know it wouldn't work on my skin. 

Contour-highlight sticks

I have tried cream sticks from various brands, Maybelline, Nudestix, and Sephora Collection, to name a few. They all have something in common: they make my skin itch. That's probably the big why I won't be getting any contour-highlight sticks in the future. Plus, some of them contain such a minuscule amount of products sold for a ridiculous price tag. 

Tinted moisturizers/ skin tints

I am going to get a lot of hate for saying this but tinted moisturizers or skin tints are a bit meh for me. 

Being the full glam, high-coverage foundation kind of girl that I am, I couldn't get the hype around skin tints. I get it, we don't go out as often anymore so why the need for full glam right? I guess I am always gonna be that girl — it's either full glam or nothing at all. Skin tints are going to be your best friend if you don't like full-coverage foundation. That's all I am going to say. 

Catrice True Skin Concealer

So this concealer is part of the True Skin line that I really had high hopes for. Unfortunately, the foundation didn't end up beating my all-time faves and also the concealer has not made me want to try it or something. I have a feeling it's going to be as dry as the foundation.

I have pretty dry under eyes naturally and even when properly prepped, some concealers are still going to emphasize my textures like no one's business. And I feel like the Catrice True Skin concealer is one of those concealers. It falls under the True Skin line so it must have the same formulation or something. Sorry Catrice, better luck next time!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lipstick

Before y'all go ballistic over this, let me explain. I know this is soooo controversial of me for saying this because who am I? Just a regular beauty consumer, no big deal, right? Well, while I think it's a beautiful lipstick, I don't think it is anything groundbreaking or revolutionary. 

I am so glad I did my homework before buying this lipstick. It's not completely inexpensive, to begin with. Anyway, I have a neutral undertone with medium-tanned skin so some lipstick shades can look wacky on me. I don't know if this is a me problem but lots of my neutral undertone sisters can't pull the CT Pillow Talk lipstick off. I hate to say this but it looked dull on them. If I were to get this lipstick, I know it's going to make me look dead.

This lipstick was on my wishlist for so many years but I had to remove it because this is going to be Urban Decay Backtalk lipstick all over again for me. That lipstick swatches amazing online but I was dumb for only trusting pretty swatches so I got it and it looked awful on me. And yes I looked dead.

I read somewhere that the CT Pillow Talk lipstick is one of the universally flattering lipstick shades. Well, don't believe it. I used to think there's a universally flattering lipstick but now that I am not a dumb-dumb, I totally see it as a marketing tactic. Wow, I have so much to say about a freaking lipstick. I will stop now. I promise. 

I truly hope I didn't offend anyone. That's never the intention of these kinds of posts. These are, of course, just my opinions. If you want to buy or you have bought these products — more power to you, gorgeousness! I hope you enjoyed this anyway. Till next anti-haul! <3

*Note that some links used in this post are affiliated links, which allows me to earn a small commission when you buy the product using my link. No commission is earned through clicking links. I'm not being paid to mention any specific brand in this post, it's purely my own honesty and experience. Thank you for your support~
What are the things you're not going to buy? Are any of these on your anti-haul too?


  1. I was keen to buy the new CT Matte Cream Eyes To Mesmerise, but after seeing Wayne Goss' video, it's a no from me and he has saved me money! x


    1. I see. That's why doing your homework i.e. watching bunch of reviews is so helpful! I just think cream shadows aren't that practical for everyday use. Maybe they're great as a base for powder shadows :)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes tinted moisturisers! This was such an interesting post to read, I haven't seen one like this before!

    Emilia | emjbarker.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Oh my gosh, I thought I was the only one! Thank you so much for stopping by, Em xx

  3. I'm fairly partial to skin tints on workdays, primarily because it's easier to find skin tints and tinted moisturizers with SPF in them. I wear SPF everyday so I definitely appreciate having that extra layer of protection in my base makeup. However, when I go full glam, I definitely want a fuller coverage foundation! Speaking of foundation, thanks for the heads up about the KVD foundation. I have oily-combination skin and the last thing I need is to emphasis that, lol. Thanks for sharing, girlie!


    The Lotus List

  4. I am so with you on all of these!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk