Self-Care Essentials for Sick Day

Self-Care Essentials for Sick Day

Hello, gorgeousness! You might have noticed a lack of posts on my blog recently and that is because I have been sick. I have had an annoying cough and a stuffed up nose for the last couple of weeks. On top of that, I also caught a mild fever and follicular tonsillitis (again). I was just about recovered when Valentine's Day came along — here I am now feeling fresh and excited and I hope you all have been well <3

Lots of my drafts were still in drafts because I couldn't finish them due to my sickness. I haven't been on here much, to begin with since the beginning of this month and there's no way I can catch up with all the wonderful posts I missed. I am a little upset about that but I will make sure to spare some time for it.

ANYWAY, when you're sick you pretty much care about nothing except for what you're going to watch on TV or what you can throw together to eat so won't puke, right? Well, for me, I would add one more thing to that list and that is to at least look a little more human. Even when I am sick I still want a few things that can help me feel comfortable and calm.

So I thought I'd share some products with you that were essential to me for the past couple of weeks that somehow helped me get through an awful sick week.

My sick day essentials:

klavuu nourishing care lip sleeping pack
I don't know about you but when I have the flu, my lips get so dry and chapped but this lip balm forbids that from happening. I know it's a sleeping mask and you're only supposed to wear it when you go to bed, I don't really care. I use it as my daily lip balm and I love it so much! Although I am always a little sceptical when it comes to lip masks in general, this has won me over. It's lightweight, non-sticky and provides enough moisture to my super chapped lips.

yu yee herbal medicated oil
Every Asian mom has sworn by this medicated oil right here. It's a popular herbal medicated oil used largely in Asia for quick relief of bloated stomach, trapped wind, headaches, stomach pain, etc. It's pretty common for babies but I am a baby too, okay?

Anyway, this oil mainly contains peppermint oil, clove oil and nutmeg oil along with menthol for that soothing and refreshing sensation. It works every time for those minor headaches and I also think it has a very calming citrus scent that has helped me with multiple days of sleep deprivation.

cosrx hydrium green tea aqua soothing gel cream
When I am awfully sick, I tend to neglect my skincare routine just because I can't keep going at the rate I used to, meaning I am not able to spend time lathering products on my skin in front of the mirror. I am unable to do that but what I can do and can't go a day without is moisturize. The skin around my nose can get so dry from the constant blowing and all and this moisturizer really helped soothe and bring back moisture to that area. This is the very least I could do for my skin when I am ill. 

giant water bottle
During my sick week, I did avoid caffeinated beverages such as tea and coffee at all costs because these will dehydrate me and I don't want that. Water is probably the best thing to drink when you're sick. And obviously, any water bottle or cup will do but a cute 2L water bottle won't hurt, right?

kun eco quilts comforter
When I am feeling under the weather, you can find me in bed 24/7 because lots of rest and sleep definitely helps and what a better way to rest than bundled up in a big, heavy blanket. I love to have a big heavy blanket to wrap myself around and keep me cosy. The Kun eco quilts comforter is absolutely the best quilt comforter for the weather in Malaysia. 

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What would your self-care essentials for sick days be like? Have you used any of these products?


  1. ooooh I wish Shopee shipped to my country! That water bottle is so so cute! I've been looking for a new water bottle to use for a while now! So glad to hear you're feeling better! x
    jasmine ♡ minae

    1. It's so cute - it motivates me more to finish my water every day :D Thank you so much for stopping by! xx

  2. I needed to find this post!

    Danielle |

  3. Sorry to hear you were sick, I hope you're feeling back to normal now! These sound like some great essentials!

    Emilia |

    1. I'm definitely A-okay now, Em! Thank you so much for the concern <3

  4. A hot water bottle is an essential! I love the sound of that oil - something I need in my life! x