5 Makeup Techniques I Have Learned Recently

5 Makeup Techniques I Have Learned Recently

So I did a quiz thing on Instagram and asked "What do you want to see next on my blog?" and a majority of you voted for this one. I'll be honest, I was so happy when a lot of people still enjoy my beauty content. I will always have a soft spot for this niche that has been rarely touched at this point, but it used to be the bread and butter of lennezulkiflly.com so.

I have been meaning to share a few makeup tips that I have picked up somehow from all over the place (and some that I figured out myself) but it always seems to slip through the cracks. However, I think that gives me ample time to put it to the test before sharing or recommending it to you, right? To kind of see if it works or if it's just a gimmick. So hey, I am your lab rat.

A little disclaimer, I am no makeup guru (more like a makeup enthusiast) and I am still learning a lot about makeup. I love trying and testing new beauty products, and beauty hacks and making sure that I feel extra good when I have makeup on. So I wanted to share these tips with everyone out there who's not a pro, but who wants to step up their makeup game. These tips may work for you, or they may not — YMMV, but I hope some of these tips can be helpful.

5 makeup techniques I have learned recently:

Foundation technique to mimic poreless skin

These few days, I went on a Wayne Goss binge and decided to go ham and watch all of his beauty hacks. I am so glad I came across this one video that was short and sweet but packed with AMAZING techniques that will help you to immediately make your pores disappear with only a foundation and a makeup brush.

Living with oily skin means I have to live with massive pores too. And I am always on the hunt for the best pore-filling primers in the market, always searching for the best pore hacks but I guess it's not a problem anymore!

The technique:
  1. Take any foundation brush that's not flat and lightly load the brush with foundation 
  2. Blend the foundation in a CIRCULAR motion gently massaging in the foundation. Trust me, you will immediately see the result!
  3. When you think you've blended enough, just keep blending. TRUST ME

To be honest, I was quite sceptical when I saw this technique. I was like "Does that actually work?" because I rarely use a brush to blend my foundation. But I kid you not, IT WORKED. I wish I found out about this technique sooner. It's such a simple technique but it completely makes my pores non-existent. It also makes my foundation look seamless and natural. 

For reference, I use the Superstay foundation and this brush (the smaller end). The key is to use a medium-sized brush that's dense and a bit rounded. I know it's going to take a hot minute to fully blend but just try it out when you have an hour or two to get ready. 

Concealer technique to prevent dry under eyes

If you didn't know, the skin underneath our eyes is thinner than the rest of our bodies. It's prone to get darker, have wrinkles, creases, and also dry. That's why we need to be super gentle and delicate with it. 

My under eye areas are probably the only area that's not oily. It can look quite dry and more wrinkly with layers of makeup. I can not think about it too much but sometimes it gets to me, y'know what I mean? I totally just sat down and think what I can do with this situation. 

It's all about the skin prep before makeup, honey! What I do is I will make sure the under-eye area is hydrated well. 

The technique:
  1. Dab a smidgen of any facial oil underneath the eye
  2. Spread it nicely using your ring finger and let it sit for a bit
  3. Don't use a lot of concealer under the eyes — a dot is enough
  4. Use a beauty sponge to blend the concealer 

When it comes to concealer or basically anything under the eyes, other than they need to be well-prepped, I will make sure to use very little on all products. It won't get dry, cakey or crack as much. #LessIsMore

5 Makeup Techniques I Have Learned Recently

Brow technique that makes you look more youthful

We all know brows frame the face so the way you draw them on is crucial. When I first started out with makeup, I tend to just follow my natural eyebrow shape and length. It's not terrible but sometimes your natural brows could be a bit short which then will make your face appear bigger if you just follow the shape and length. We don't want that.

The technique:
  1. Start by drawing your brows closer together but don't go ham
  2. EXTEND the tail of your brows by drawing just a bit longer than your natural eyebrow shape

This is my HG technique because when I alter the shape and length of my eyebrows I can clearly tell the difference — my face looks a lot smaller, slimmer and younger. Who wouldn't want that?

Blush technique to make your face more lifted

This is one of the steps in my makeup routine that I never ever miss. I am a blush girl. I love it so much — it makes me look more alive and fresh. So the old me would apply blush while I am smiling and then find the apples of my cheeks and then apply the blush. I thought this was revolutionary.

Honestly, this technique is not that bad though but the problem is that when I am not smiling the apples of my cheeks tend to drop. So if I apply blush this way, it ends up pulling my face down. 

The technique:
  1. Find the area that you would normally apply highlight (yes, it's very high up)
  2. Apply your blush upwards using a dabbing technique first and then blend
  3. Make sure to apply more product outwards instead of inwards

I know this might feel a little too much or weird but trust me it pulls everything back and makes you look like you just had a facelift. For a natural finish, you might want to use a blush that you can build up instead of one that packs a punch.

Eyeliner technique that works all the time

Sometimes when we try to do a defined and sharp wing liner, the wing tends to look distorted and if you have hooded eyes the wing can interfere with your hood and defeat the purpose of doing eyeliners. It's so annoying.

I have hooded eyes and it took me almost 7 years to find the best eyeliner technique for my eye shape. Lots of eyeliner looks don't sit right with this eye shape and I am beyond happy to finally found the eyeliner hack that works for a fair amount of eye shapes.

The technique:
  1. Using your favourite eyeliner draw a line up further how you would any wing
  2. From there, draw another straight line where your crease would be and stop there
  3. From the crease, go down and you should have like a batwing shape now
  4. Fill it in and fill in your lash line and voila!

I know it sounds complicated but it works. With this technique, if you look straight ahead, the wing looks completely normal and doesn't look wonky or blend in with your hood. I really like this eyeliner technique as it lifts my eyes and it looks perfect on any angle! 

If you have shaky hands like I do, just rest your elbow on your vanity. You might also want to tilt your head back slightly with this technique and relax your eyes. They say eyeliner can be the devil, but honestly, you just need to find the right method that works for your eye shape and stick to it.

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Have you tried any of these makeup techniques? Which one would you try today?


  1. Oh these all sound like great tips to apply makeup I will have to try some of them out!

    Allie of

  2. OMG I love binge watching Wayne Goss videos, along with other professional MUAs like Robert Welsh.

    I used to put on a ton of concealer under my eyes because I have such horrible dark circles and it didn't help that it was/is the trend to put excessive concealer and foundation on for coverage. But what these two MUAs in particular stressed on is; go minimal and be generous with blending them out. Concealers would just form cracks beneath my eyes and ruin the whole look if I went full ham on concealers. So the key is to put 1 or 2 dots in the corner of your eye, and a little bit more at the end. Then blend. That's it and you'll still get good coverage, minus the annoying creasing.

    Concealers don't usually hide dark circles. It mostly still shows up. My tip is to colour correct them. I usually resort to an orange eyeshadow. Then concealer, leave it for 1 minute (do your eyebrows etc) then come back to blend it out. Works like a charm each time!

    1. Oh yes, Robert and Wayne are definitely the top tiers!

      Actually, using orange eyeshadow is such a BRILLIANT technique! I've never thought about that because I used to use a red lipstick to cover the dark under eye circles and then conceal with a concealer but I guess lipsticks put on the face just didn't work out for me. Didn't really like how it turns out and apparently not really hygienic *guilty*

      I'm going to try this and see it for myself! Thank you so much for sharing, girl!! xx

  3. OMG GIRL! I just did the eyebrow trick and WOW! I'll do the eyeliner one already, but I'll have to try out the other ones too!

    Eileen | yesmissy.com

  4. I'm definitely going to try the concealer hack! x


  5. Spring is here, I want to wear beautiful makeup, wear the pink wig with bangs I just bought, and go out to play

  6. Applying blush outwards, and using face oil with a dab of concealer. Got it!

    BecomingTia | www.becomingtia.com