10 Things That Make Sense on My Desk

10 Things That Make Sense on My Desk

My desk is a place where I devote most of my time, maybe even more than the time I spend on my own bed. To me, it's a space that requires me to be my productive best. It's basically where I run my small business, do my freelance work, blog (obviously!) and journal in the morning and before I go to bed. All the productive things. Although it's literally just a small corner of my bedroom, I am so lucky to have a dedicated workspace. 

When it comes to my workstation, I am a far cry from being a minimalist. I stock up on desk accessories like it's a grocery. It just makes sense to me to bring a bit of joy and charm to my desk so that I enjoy what I do. I like to have a little bit of everything there front and center because it's my cup of tea. 

So it's only fitting that I share with you things that just make sense on my desk, my must-have supplies that I can't go a day without other than my laptop and a cup of tea.

10 things that make sense on my desk

clear acrylic boxes

I am absolutely a huge fan of these acrylic boxes! I have a ton of them in my room for different purposes. In this case, it's for my stationery supplies. I think they look minimalistic and chic on my desk while keeping lots of my stationery needs in one place without being over the top. I mainly throw in a bunch of my washi tapes and stamps inside. 

pen holder

You can tell I am a sucker for stationery organizers. I mean, they're cute and they organize my pens. Plus these pen holders won't take up too much space! I love the fact that they have 3 deep slots for my humongous Tombow brush pens and fineliners and an extra little slot for tiny stuff like my erasers.

file organizers

I swear I have other things to talk about than lots of organizers lol please bear with me. Technically, my file organizers don't belong on top of the desk, I place them underneath the desk to fit bulky folders and books. I have a couple of these file organizers and I paste label stickers on them so I know exactly what those files contain. 

single-wick candle

Not only do they smell amazing but they also can help light a room with comfort. I admit I am not candle-obsessed but they kinda help me relax and retreat. Whenever I feel scatterbrained, I just light a candle and take a breather. One of my favourite go-to candles has to be Vanilla Bean from Bath and Body Works. Vanilla is definitely my top 3 favourite scents and that includes pretty much all variations and blends!

random trinket dish

I don't know about you but I always have to have a random trinket dish in every corner of the house just because you know, to hold things I never know exactly where to put and end up throwing them in a drawer somewhere. So I have one on my desk that's specially made by Sisters & Brushes *wink* that can hold every tiny little thing like paper clips stylishly.

journals, notebooks and planners

Being a blogger and a small business owner means I get to juggle content creation, photo editing, marketing, social media, you name it. So having a journal seems logical as it helps me organize content for a few days or weeks ahead. Does this mean I have different journals for different purposes? Yes. And why not? As a stationery addict, I really have to put those notebooks to good use. 

10 Things That Make Sense on My Desk

a water bottle

I have a 2L reusable water bottle in pink colour on my desk just because a bright, eye-catching colour will trigger my brain to grab it and drink it as the day passes. It can actually become a challenge to make sure you're drinking enough water throughout the day but at least my water bottle is an arm's reach away. 

an eye drop

Every few hours I like to take a break from my computer and sometimes my eyes they can get really red and tired and I must use an eye drop just to kinda wake them up a bit. I like the ones from Rohto where they have like a cooling sensation to give your eyes a nice minty refresh. 

lip balm

It's important to look like you have been drinking enough water and taking multivitamins. The trick is to have a good lip balm to moisturize the lips which then will make me look and feel better in between the anxiety-ridden day.

my blue-light-blocking glasses

You already know the struggle. If you could only imagine how exposed these eyes were to a ton of blue light and after a while, it can take a toll on our eye health. From working on the computer, taking an Instagram break and hopping into Twitter to see what's up, I instantly feel bad for my eyes. That's why having blue-light-blocking glasses is necessary to me to help decrease eye strain and headache occurrence over time.

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What are the things that make sense on your desk?