The Sunday Currently #12

The Sunday Currently #12

Hello, gorgeousness! Here I am with another Sunday Currently post. I am sorry but I always try to post a few fillers in between my posts because I like it + writing posts like this is easy. Promise I will be writing and posting more regular stuff this coming week. For now, this is my Sunday Currently #12.

Just a few posts from the bloggers I follow. I have no time to pick up a real book at the moment.

This post and a lot more blog posts to still write. I have been so busy lately but I am grateful that a good chunk of my time is pretty much occupied with things that I love to do <3

My Ariana Grande playlist on Spotify. My ears have been blessed for the last 40 minutes.

Of getting a camera... I have been using my old phone and my current iPhone to take photos and videos. There's nothing wrong with that though. People do say my photos always look nice all the time but I would love to shoot on a real compact camera. 

My bakery-scented room, big thanks to BBW's Strawberry Pound Cake room spray. If you want your room to be smelling like freshly baked strawberry cupcakes, this is it. It's sweet, warm and delicious!

I had more money in the bank! 

For the weather to be on my side and that it's going to be sunny, bright and breezy today so I can take nice photos of what's coming next on Sisters & Brushes!

Last night's sleepwear as I woke up earlier for suhoor, didn't go back to bed and started writing already. I also have my hair in a messed up ponytail and my smartwatch on my wrist to monitor the quality of my sleep, amongst other things.

How I managed to sneak in some self-care activities (as in workouts and doing things for myself and myself only) in between my busy schedule. I am initiating positive and healthy working hours oh my gosh homegirl is thriving. Who is she?

For all my purchases to arrive this coming week! It seems like I haven't been the best at not spending money every single day but these purchases are Eid-related so it's kinda fine, right? Hehehe *nervous laughing*

Extra 12 hours to spend on writing, editing and scheduling posts.

Really great today! I went to bed at 10 PM last night and woke up feeling super fresh in the morning. It's such a nice feeling to have had a quality sleep after a (good) long while. 

Have a great weekend, loves! <3


  1. I love that you're rocking your self care routine!! It can get so challenging when life is busy so it's awesome you've found that balance x

    mia //

    1. I know!! It's important to find balance in everything you do xx

  2. I'm laughing at needing an extra 12 hours - this week, I feel like I need an extra day! x


  3. I'm waiting for all my purchases to arrive this week too muahahaha, really want a compact camera aswell so would love to hear more about this if you do end up getting one! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog