The Sunday Currently #13

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The Sunday Currently #13

This Sunday is more laid back than the previous two — no going out, no big celebrations, everyone's minding their own business. I am actually getting ready to update my bullet journal, but I thought I should write volume 13 of The Sunday Currently first. So here goes nothing. 


Just random stuff from the net. Right now I have lots of tabs with Beauty of Joseon skincare reviews in them. I am currently on the fence about their serum so gotta scour lots of information from reliable reviews. Have you tried any skincare from this brand?


Aside from this blog post, a new product review, despite the fact that I have a backlog of unfinished reviews. I have been so uninspired to finish what I have started lately, it's so frustrating. The words used to automatically flow from my fingertips but the fact that I have been experiencing writer's block for weeks now is so annoying. 


To nothing actually. Just enjoying the silence for now. After weeks of havoc, a peaceful time like this is very much needed. 


(or maybe "worrying" is even more appropriate?) about how tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. 


The smell of my coconut water that my s/o got for me! 


There were more hours in the day. 


I can get myself together and have a smooth, productive and joyful week ahead.


Well, I work from home now so I basically wear my pyjamas all the time. Just the usuals. I will leave it up to your imagination to fill in what those might look like. 


Well, lots of things! Let's start with our new family member, Yara Sofea, that turned me into a first-time aunt <3 Apart from that, Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation, Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy Stick, and BBW Whipped Vanilla Chiffon


For my Vintage Rose bullet journal from Notebook Therapy to arrive sooner than later! *fingers crossed*


A massage. And a good cup of hot tea with honey.


A little anxious, and of course, blessed. Though I had my fair share of tough times in the past weeks, I am so grateful that I was given another week to live, learn, love and enjoy.

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Have a great weekend, loves!


  1. I feel like i have seen lots of good reviews on Beauty of Joseon recently but I still haven't tried! XX

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  2. Cantiknya blog!

    Dulu I used to hike every weekend, atau tiap kali weekend je pergi mandi sungai atau camping. Sekarang dah lama tak rasa productive camtu, nak kena start balik ni xD

    1. Hii! Thank you so much x

      Hiking is such a wholesome activity! Hoping you'll get back on track :)

  3. Replies
    1. So true! One of the best ways to relax after a long day x