Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30

Hello, gorgeousness! I know I have been a little MIA lately on the blog and I do apologise for that. I have been caught up with work, lots of filming and editing, babysitting my new niece and other bits and bobs. But anyway, I am here now and I am back with a new foundation review that's affordable and *might* be my new favourite foundation to wear. 

You know, I don't have a lot of good experience with foundations, but this one, in particular, I am just so happy I came across its little corner at the drugstore I went to. I am seeing many drugstore beauty brands stepping up their foundation formulas that are great for everyday wear, and I am just here for it.

I think I am already over halfway through the tube now so I thought it was about time I share my thoughts on this one with you guys. Also because it's so hard to find a Malaysian beauty blogger/ reviewer that thoroughly talks about this foundation so I guess I'll do honours.

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30

What does this foundation have to offer?

It's actually one that has not a lot of cliché claims. It's a matte foundation with SPF30 PA +++ that's lightweight, buildable medium coverage and transfer-proof. Formulated with SkinMatch technology that allows the product to perfectly adapt and match one's skin tone, with minimal oxidation. Isn't it the dream for some of us that find it difficult to discover a foundation that doesn't oxidize? At this point, I can confirm that it doesn't oxidize, at least not on me <3

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30

This foundation has seen better days. I mean just look at those stains.

The Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation will set you back RM20-RM24-ish, which isn't bad at all for a foundation that performs well. I got it while it was on sale, it was RM18 around that time. What a steal, hey? And for that, you get 25ml of product, which is just under the average but I honestly don't mind it.

What else you need to know:

  • Comes in 8 variety of shades for different Asian skin tones
  • Flawless soft-focus effect on the skin
  • Remains fresh-looking for up to 12 hours
  • Alcohol-free and cruelty-free

What's the packaging look like?

Housed and designed with convenience in mind, this foundation comes in an easy-to-squeeze tube that ensures no product (or money) goes to waste. The overall packaging is so minimalist and sleek, easy to use and travel-friendly.

Unfortunately, it can get pretty messy since I think there's a lot of air in the middle of the nozzle which makes the foundation gets pushed out by itself without us pressing it. So be extra gentle when squeezing the product out. You've been warned.

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30 - packaging

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30 - packaging

How does the foundation swatch?

When swatching this foundation out on the back of my hand, I was a bit on the fence about how this might perform on my face. I think you can kinda see that this has quite a runny texture. It's honestly quite thin, but surprisingly felt very pleasant and very much reminded me of the Superstay foundation by Maybelline, just less heavy.

I was over the moon. I think have finally found a dupe for my holy grail foundation!

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30 - swatches

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30 - swatches

Since I was so happy, I tested it out on my face using my clean hands, no sponge or brush application. Just my fingers. And you know what, it looked beautiful. I was blown away by the experience because the foundation blended so well into my skin and looked semi-natural with a pretty matte look and had just enough coverage to cover my hyperpigmentation without the need to colour-correct.

This is exactly what I want in a foundation. It feels a lot like love at first sight, you guys!

How does the foundation perform on my skin?

With just 8 shades to choose from, I picked up the right shade for my skin tone. I think 42N Neutral Sand is a spot-on shade for me. Coverage-wise, I think I made it very clear that I am beyond ecstatic about it. It has quite a lot of coverage for a twenty-something foundation. I usually blend this foundation using my beauty sponge and the product covers up redness and dark spots really well and the finish looks like a healthy matte, not a flat matte.

While I can see less of my redness and imperfections on my face with this thing on, I still have to go in with my trustee concealer to fully cover areas like my under eyes. It does a great job of evening out my skin tone and looks great through and through.

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30 - on the skin

Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation SPF30 - on the skin

Another thing I have to give credit to is that it is super long-wearing even on my super oily skin and it remains beautiful on the skin after 10 pm. It doesn't move around that much and I don't look like a mess at the end of the day.

As far as the transfer-proof claim goes, I would say they did an amazing job with this one. Know why? Because I still wear a mask when I go out and I can safely say that not a lot of transfer going on on my mask. And even if it does transfer (mostly on the bridge of my nose), it still wears down evenly and my makeup still looks on point. 

I think this foundation is a wonderful option at the drugstore that is ideal for everyday wear. 

My final thoughts

The Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation is one that really surprised me. This is my first time trying out Wardah base products and I have had good makeup days on many occasions. I usually don't have this kind of luck with base products but this time it works!

This foundation gives me exactly what I want it to give me: buildable coverage that's about enough to cover my redness and hyperpigmentations, feels comfortable on the skin, it's easy to apply (you can apply with your fingers and it still blends out nicely), wears well throughout the day and isn't too full-on glam. I actually don't mind it if some of my imperfections shine through. This isn't a full coverage foundation anyway. 

All in all, the Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation ticks almost all of the boxes of what I look for in a foundation at less than RM30. So so happy I give this one a whirl! I wish this foundation comes in a larger tube because I am running out. And that says a lot. 

Would I recommend the Wardah Colorfit Matte Foundation?

For that price point, I think this is one of the best ones I have tried in the market. I will most certainly go back to this as it's so easy to wear, you can just apply it with your fingers for a super quick and easy and you're out-the-door kind of look. The shade range is great, in my opinion. It caters to the majority of Asian skin tones. Also, the packaging being plastic is the kind of foundation that you can chuck in a bag and weighs nothing.

If you're in the market for something super affordable, buildable coverage foundation that wears well throughout the day then I think this is the foundation you don't want to sleep on — IT'S SO GOOD!

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Let me know your favourite affordable foundation in the comments! 


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