5 Low-Maintenance Self-Care Ideas When You're Feeling Down

It's definitely one of those days, again, folks. I have been feeling so down lately, feeling as though I am not good enough or have done enough and it's an absolutely mad city in my brain right now.
5 Low-Maintenance Self-Care Ideas When You're Feeling Down

If my mood drops, I have noticed that I mostly neglect my own needs. Oftentimes, I will unknowingly ignore all my happy places, things that make me the happiest: journaling, baking and the outdoors to name a few. It's kind of ironic because these are the things that can lift my mood! And on top of that, I also struggle with anxiety so keeping myself motivated and inspired is a constant challenge. 

The last few weeks were the hardest for me. I took several big decisions in life and went through a significant transition. It was a lot to take in. So to make me feel better, I had to make sure I put in enough self-care activities to lift my spirits.

For example, I spent 30 minutes doing a light decluttering session in my workspace and made myself a cup of hot tea afterwards. These activities aren't the most glamorous but the simplest things can be the most powerful! Sometimes, all you need is a little pick-me-up. Here are my favourite 5 simple and low-maintenance self-care ideas for when I am feeling down!

5 Low-Maintenance Self-Care Ideas:

Go outside, move your body
One of my most important self-care activities is to make sure I am getting up, moving my body and breathing fresh air. Just walking around the block or a park is enough to care for yourself when you're feeling emotionally raw. 

Binge-watch cheesy nostalgic movies 
When life fails me, I switch on my laptop, open my browser and search for something like Legally Blonde or Yours, Mine and Ours. I am a huge fan of cheesy, corny, nostalgic movies. These kinds of movies are called "feel-good films" for a reason. It brings comfort, laughter and warmth, which is perfect for bad days. 

Do a quick follower purge/ cleanse
When you're feeling down, engaging with not-so-feel-good content is probably the last thing you would want. Even on my bad days, I still want to spend a good amount of time on my social media — my feed should be full of things that lift me up. This is where I take the time to monitor my followings and stop connecting with anyone whose content doesn't make me feel good. If you think the unfollow button is harsh, there's always a mute button. 

Try something new
I know what you're thinking! You might be thinking this isn't the time to try on something new, right? Well, let me tell you that not everything needs to be outrageous. I deep-dived into bullet journaling when I was having a super rough day at work and look where it has brought me! Go out for a solo date, sip on new drinks, listen to a podcast, and make a new playlist. I mean just challenge your mind a little bit to learn and expand. All you need is a little boost.

Play fun online games for free!
I don't know about you but I love playing online games. They're definitely my jam. One of the reasons I love to switch into my inner gamer-girl when I am feeling down is because this is stress relief. It's a great way to wind down and not spend all of my time mulling over the things that upset me. 

Calculators.org - free online games

Calculators.org - free online games

I have been playing all sorts of childhood games that bring back tons of memories. We're talking about Minesweeper and Simon Says kind of memories. Classic, hello! Although I don't have much luck with Minesweeper (it's always been like that since I was a toddler), I trust my memory, I am the memory queen so Simon Says is a piece of cake. 

Calculators.org - free online games

Other than memory games, I also love running platform type of games so when I saw Santa Girl Runner, I knew I was going to love this and YES I DO. I highly suggest playing this game on your tablet though because you need to be fast. 

Calculators.org - free online games

I may be 20-something with a child (read: cat), but I am always young at heart. I really enjoy this Guess Who? game that is one hundred per cent aimed at kids but I don't care lol. It's so fun, you have to guess the CPU's character by asking a bunch of (right) questions that later revealed the true CPU's character and vice versa. I would say I won 7 rounds at this point and yes I am so proud of this achievement. 

You will catch all these games on my browser's open tab all the time because they are so fun and uplifting and they simply don't stress me out haha. It's all about doing fun stuff I love when my mood drops. Trust me, I need these extra boosts. And maybe you should too. 
What are some of your low-maintenance self-care activities when you're feeling down?


  1. These are great ideas, hope you feel better soon! xx
    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  2. Going out for fresh air definitely help. Watching movies used to bring me comfort, but over time I found a short walk to declutter my mind really boost my mood :')

  3. It's so long since I watched Legally Blonde and I love it, so that's a great idea! Hope you're feeling better! x