The Sunday Currently #14

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The Sunday Currently #14

I was about to do my Five Things in July post today but I decided not to. July was such a rough month for me. I did have a few events happening but it was so major I don't know if I want to share them here. Anything else seems not worth sharing too. So for that reason, I decided to skip my Five Things in July. I already have them all in the draft though but we will have to see. But for now, this is my Sunday currently, loves.

Been catching up with a lot of blog posts that I have missed. Been reading some new, great blogs today too! But one blog post that really resonates with me right now is from Siobhan and it's her How I'm Feeling About Blogging Right Now blog post. Go read that one, it's soooo good. She's like a mind reader!

This post! And a lot of other blog posts to still write. It's been so busy around here and I feel like I don't have time to finish them all.

To the noise coming from different sources. The sound of the vehicles outside, the notification on my phone, a crying baby, talking people, and the TV. It's all over the place. 

About which of my tasks should I do first? 

The scent that's coming from our reed diffuser. It smells like a bunch of sweet and fruity sensations — mainly honeydew and vanilla. Love me some good overly sweet scents!

To stay calm most of the time. It's affecting my mental health at this point.

For a productive and joyful week ahead!

My classic look — PJs paired with a silk scrunchie, a little bit of Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip Plump in Primrose on my lips (just got it the other day and I am obsessed!) and a little spritz of Mad About You BBW body mist.

LOTSA STUFF! Mainly TikTok-famous stuff lol. Let's start with the Maybelline Sky High mascara, that Tarte Juicy Lip Plump, my silk scrunchies, new ethereal journals and loads more. Let's see if I can gather them together in a later blog post.

Clarity in a lot of things in my life. 

ICE CREAM. I have already had 2 bowls of Wall's Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. IT'S SO GOOD. It's been super hot lately so I will probably indulge in more once I am done with this Sunday Currently. 

A little exhausting but fulfilling. I am also excited about the remaining weeks. I want to see some good changes and manifest good things. 

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Till next Sunday! Have a great weekend, my loves <3


  1. Thank you so much for the mention, Lenne! It seems a lot of people are feeling the same way about blogging right now, despite enjoying putting posts together. I have a craving for that ice-cream now! x

    1. Of course! That blog is spot-on. Hopefully we are all gonna feel better about it again xx

  2. just wanna say... silk scrunchies were a game-changer for me.


    1. IKR!! Less hair damage, reduce kinks and they're pretty strong too. I love it! xx