13 Awesome Sites for Stationery Addicts

13 Awesome Sites for Stationery Addicts

Hello, gorgeousness! How are you doing? We are gathered here today to have a little talk about one of my favourite things in the world, namely stationery so I am a little hyped up. Pretty notebooks? Brush pens? Stickers? Washi tapes? I admit I don't use stickers and washi tapes all that often but I just love seeing beautiful things! Is that so wrong?

Anyway, if you're new (or you just happen to be here for the good stuff, which I don't blame you- it's addictive) to the journalling world that involves pen and paper and you want to score some beautiful, high quality and affordable stationery supplies (pretty notebooks, dreamy pens and such), then this post is for you! I rounded up 13 of the best sites to satisfy stationery addicts all around the globe! Make sure you bookmark this list ✦

13 Awesome Sites for Stationery Addicts

Journamm.my ✦ link
Okay, this store is basically a stationery lover's dream. It's perfect for bullet journalers, scrapbookers, crafters and the like. The range of items is crazy and the quality is pretty decent too, especially for the price. This is where you can get excellent and beautiful supplies for every aesthetic. I am mainly drawn to their super duper cute grid/ gingham washi tapes. They're to die for!

leelajournals ✦ link
Ahh, one of my favourites!! One thing about the person behind leelajournals (Aarti) is that she's full of love, passion and deep gratitude. If all these three are combined, it'll form Aarti for sure. I genuinely love what she creates, she really puts her heart into her art. Her style is literally inimitable, immaculate and intricate. Everything is so aesthetically pleasing like this dreamy cloud sticker >.<

Blossombujo store ✦ link
Another small business! We just love supporting small businesses in this house. Anyway, the first time I knew about this particular site was because I followed Nathalie (the creator of BlossomBujo) on Instagram for her awesome bullet journal content. Her spreads and arts in general simply scream joy and sweetness. She recently had a fall shop update and I genuinely think it's the cutest fall-themed collection I have ever seen! 

Miyawk ✦ link
Need to stock up on your favourite pens? This site, in particular, has everything you need from every brand you could think of. Lots of my Tombow brush pens and fineliners were purchased from this site. I don't have to dig deep to find what I need in terms of my writing and lettering supplies! It's all there, front and center.

dear wildflowers ✦ link
If you have a soft spot for Midori/traveller's notebooks, you need to check out Weylie's stationery brand! She is one of my favourite YouTubers growing up and I was so thrilled when she announced that she was coming up with her own stationery brand. I knew everything will be exquisite and I am not wrong! I am not fond of traveller's notebooks but I find their affirmation stamp so sooo pretty and fits her whole vibe. 

Notebook Therapy ✦ link
Speaking of notebooks and journals, my favourite type of journal would be an A5 journal. The size is the most convenient for me and it just feels right. I think Notebook Therapy's A5 journals are one of the best that you can get. The quality is unbeatable and not to mention they have the most adorable collections that lots of people can enjoy. I am planning to get my hands on their Tsuki Golden Hour Bullet Journal Set because it's so dreamy and sunsets are just my thing!

13 Awesome Sites for Stationery Addicts

buke notebook ✦ link
I was ecstatically happy when I was on the quest for an affordable dotted journal with thicker paper and I came across Buke Notebook. Since both Tsuki Ichigo Boba and Vintage Rose Journal from Notebook Therapy have 160 GSM paper (so far the best paper quality of any notebooks that I have come across but they aren't the most affordable y'know what I mean?), Buke Notebook has 180 GSM paper for a fraction of the price — I need to give it a try.

I went with this dreamy and magical notebook and it did not disappoint. The notebook is housed in a pretty box with freebies, the 180 GSM paper can hold up against so many art mediums, it comes with three ribbon bookmarks, as well as a back pocket at the end of the notebook, the fabric cover is so pretty and it's dirt cheap. If you're from outside of Malaysia, check out their website for free worldwide shipping!

Archer & Olive ✦ link
In need of a luxurious feel when it comes to your journal? Archer & Olive is the answer. The reason why I mentioned luxurious in the first place has nothing to do with the price. Although it's quite up there, it's 37 dollars for a normal A5 journal (and if you're not from the US you will have to pay for international shipping + taxes), I just think the quality made up for it. I mean, those ampersand charms are so precious! If you're a sucker for tiny, delicate details like I am, Archer & Olive journal is definitely for you.

mohamm.my ✦ link
Another favourite shop of mine and a fabulous all-rounder. When running low on freebies for my small business, I immediately search for this shop specifically to stock up on a bunch of adorable sticker packs. You can find the cutest stickers, pens, office supplies and even those pretty collapsible storage crates in one convenient place!

bujowmal ✦ link
If there's one good thing that came out of 2020, it's the great focus we're all putting on shopping small. The amount of amazingly good and talented artists on platforms like Shopee and Etsy that sell stationery is completely awesome. Another small business love is bujowmal on Etsy. She sells high-quality sticker sets at insanely affordable prices. Her fall tones Pantone stickers are so beaut! I am literally a sucker for fall colours >.<

mushieworksshop ✦ link
Ahh, MushieWorks, the most beautiful Bohemian and whimsical designs you will ever encounter and if you're all about that, MushieWorksShop has to be on your radar! To be honest, I am beyond impressed with all the designs, her attention to detail and the quality. She just gets it. And her bujo page is such an inspiration and definitely a level that I will never get to go to. 

moonstruckstationery ✦ link
Have you ever discovered a great site that makes you want to wander around just a little bit more? Maybe 10 minutes more and then you realized it's been half an hour. Yup, that's me when I discovered this little shop on Shopee! I just want to stay for a bit because it keeps on giving. I mean, look at all these lovely stamps. If I have them all, I will be the happiest girl! If you're a fellow bullet journaller, this shop is for you and your little bujo.

moehrenkunstshop ✦ link
And last but not least, we have another cute (and practical) stationery site. Their adorable weekly kits are the ones I first came across and when I clicked on the shop, I wasn't disappointed. They offer lots of quirky and fun stationeries that I think are very well priced. 

*Note that some links used in this post are affiliated links, which allows me to earn a small commission when you buy the product using my link. No commission is earned through clicking links. I'm not being paid to mention any specific brand in this post, it's purely my own honesty and experience. Thank you for your support~

Was anyone else inspired to shop? Which of these was your fav?


  1. I love journaling and finding the cutest stationery. I haven't heard of a lot of these websites, so I am super excited to look through them - especially the small businesses! Thanks for sharing, Lenne!



    1. Aw, I'm happy to be sharing them here! Happy discovering xx

  2. wow, thanks sharing, i love stationery !

  3. I love journalling, but I never know where to go for cute stationary, so this is super helpful. I haven't actually heard of any of these, (I must be living under a rock haha) so I can't wait to check them out. Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. Aw, happy discovering Hannah! Glad you find this post helpful xx

  4. This is such a amazing list. I wish I did more physical journaling, all mine I do digital. But I miss out on cute washis and stickers :( thanks for sharing!!

    1. I know for a fact that there are tons of cute digital stickers and washis online! And you can get them for free on Pinterest too! xx

  5. Love this post! I've always been a stationery addict! x


    1. Thanks for reading, Siobhan! Glad you loved this post xx

  6. I love stationery! These look like great sites! xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  7. waa.. byaknya list... sy pun minat juga dgn alat menulis nie.. mau belajar menulis journal tp tak tau mcm mana mau mula..