My September To-Do List

My September To-Do List

Well, hello, gorgeousness! How on earth are we in the ninth month of 2022?? Just a couple more months left and we're done with this year! That's insane. Anyway, as I write this post, it's 6pm on a Monday evening and I have been up working since 1pm. Life's just incredible and it really is. Being my own boss means I can set my own time and I am more than excited to finish up today's work before I make myself a cup of tea and have a cosy evening of rewatching old Running Man episodes. 

Anyhow, this is September.

Here's my September to-do list:
  1. Work on blog content.
  2. Have a blog maintenance week.
  3. Finish up 3 articles for brands.
  4. Research a little more thoroughly on international shipping for Sisters & Brushes.
  5. Update packaging for Sisters & Brushes.
  6. Refresh my beauty stash.
  7. Clean out empties bins. 
  8. Clean my makeup brushes and sponges.
  9. Use my journal every week.
  10. Eat at home, more.
  11. Go on multiple long walks each week.

What's on your list this month, loves?


  1. I have a lot of list and end up do nothing hahahhaah, need to have a goals !

    1. My goal is having them all ticked off at the end of the month haha! Just start easy by having only 5 important things on your list, perhaps? xx

  2. Mine is jam packed with 4 family birthdays and some hospital appointments - what a mix, eh? My husband has a few days off at the end of the month and I'm looking forward to that! x


  3. This is such a lovely list, and I hope it went well for you! I want to spend time working on blog content too xx

    Hannah |