My Current Favourites #3

My Current Favourites #3

Happy holidays, gorgeousness! Hope you're all having a wonderful December so far and are spending an amazing time with your friends and family. I am way behind in getting every draft of this year published. I'm not going to force it. This month has gotten off to a pretty hectic start — I've sat down to finish all my drafts so many times but I know deep down I can't. There's so much on my plate right now >.<

With that being said, here I am with a list of current favourites that I always look forward to sharing every few months or so. No pressure for me ;p anyway, let's just jump in, shall we!? *sips tea*

Notebook Therapy Tsuki ‘Vintage Rose’ Limited Edition Bullet Journal

I've talked about this journal here and there on this blog before, but it deserves its own spot in today's current favourites post. I've always had a hard time choosing which journal to get when it comes down to Notebook Therapy. THEY ARE ALL SO DANG CUTE T.T. So the moment I saw Tsuki Vintage Rose, I knew I had to get it. Unfortunately, I failed to get it on the official launch, but it went back in stock not long after that, so no more waiting bestie. It's in the bag. It's secured!

I'm using it for my 2023 bullet journal and so far it's been a chef's kiss. Notebook Therapy can do no wrong in my book. My expectation is at all times high for them but they wake up every day and choose superiority and excellence. Who am I to stop them? Maybe I'll do a dedicated post for this journal because why the heck not, right?

Maybelline Cushion Matte in Chestnut On Point

I've also spoken highly about this particular lippie in this post and I thought it would be okay if I talk about it again. You guys are probably sick of me and my liquid lipstick obsession but this one is different! This one feels like a cloud on your lips. Not that I've tasted cloud before but it feels so freaking lightweight, it doesn't accentuate the lines or cracks on my lips and the colour is gorgeous. 

Poplook Bittania linen button-up shirt in Sand

I was gifted this linen front button shirt by my aunt and I absolutely love everything about it! The colour (I got the colour Sand), the fit and the feel. I've definitely worn it several times since getting it. It suits every mood I have. I can rock it simple or full-on layering with jewellery pieces and everything. I'm an M size but love me some good baggy shirts and this one is in XL.

My latest addiction: peach tea

It definitely was love at first sip! I don't know why I slept on this kind of tea. Some of my favourites are strawberry, lemon, green and chai. But that's about it. I think I'm going to stick with peach tea for a while. It's so good! I would say it's like a summery drink especially when it's cold. I love to throw in a spoonful of raw honey in my peach tea just to elevate the taste. Such a refreshing and fancy tea! If you haven't tried peach tea in your life then you really must, it's yummy! 

Hitting 10k on Sisters & Brushes' Instagram!

We hit 10k on Instagram! It's jaw-droppingly surreal! This can't be real >.< it's so rewarding but we haven't celebrated it yet due to mountains of orders. We will, though. This is our moment! Thank you so much, you awesome human beans <3

Sisters & Brushes hitting 10K on Instagram

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What have you been loving, my loves?