My 2022 in Alphabetical Order

My 2022 in Alphabetical Order

Well well well, it's officially the new year. Happy new year, everyone! May this new year bring you lots of joy, happiness, success and sparkles. I don't even know how I survived 2022 but I did.

I never thought it was humanly possible to shed the number of tears I shed last year, but oh honey, WE MOVE. Although it was one of the toughest years, it was also one of the most accomplished for me. 

Anyway, I can't believe I'm on year SEVEN of writing these yearly recaps in alphabetical order! I'm not gonna lie it's getting harder every year (homegirl sure loves a challenge), especially when it comes to the letter X and Z. And in this post particularly, I'm not going to try. If I don't know it and it's not gonna come to me then so be it. If you're interested, you can check out my yearly recaps from 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 (I guess I missed 2017, lol oops). 

Here’s my 2022 in alphabetical order

Another successful low-buy year! I started my low-buy journey in 2021 and it was a success *pat myself on the back* and it's been a wacko year but I'm here to claim another victory for my low-buy year in 2022! Let's see if I can finish the post where I review my low buy year with you. Now, here's to another year of not spending any money on anything unnecessary ;) 

Became an aunt for the very first time! I love you so freakin' much, Yara Sofea <3

Yara Sofea: my niece <3

Can't believe I fell for the hype around 'write a letter to yourself' and I've never felt more contented and happy. It's so weird but good! Have you ever written a letter to yourself?

Digital detoxing ftw. I love planning, creating, interacting, designing and all that jazz when it comes to blogging and being present on my other social media platforms as they are one of the creative outlets I use to express myself. However, due to the constant pressure to beat the algorithm and stay relevant, I'd rather protect my peace and go offline more. It was mainly unintentional initially, but I can definitely see myself without all that digital pressure. And it feels like a cruel game where you must 'sell your soul' to social media and live and breathe it to see growth. I don't think my current soul was made for all these anymore so stepping back and living in the moment, for the most part, has been my priority.

Enjoying every bit of beach walks I've gotten last year and would love to squeeze in more beach walks in the future!

Beach walk: one of my favourite hobbies

Freelancing all year round has taught me that there's no limit to earning but never do it at the cost of your mental health. There's always more to do especially when you're going solo but deteriorating your health is not it. 

"Gosh, not another long-distance relationship?" Tell me why I agreed to this again? If I hadn't loved him as much as I do, I would have easily decided that this was the stupidest decision I had ever made. Yea I know it sucks but I feel like I am a completely different person now. I am constantly telling myself to hang in there, it's worth it because no one else would compare to the person I am waiting for — stuff like that — and that it will feel so good when life works out a way to bring us two together again. I got this, right?

Honey lemon drink — where was it all this time?! This was definitely my drink of the year. I can vouch that it's so good and if you want healthy glowing skin and a less bloated tummy, give it a try. 

Intentional, slow and cosy lifestyle has been hitting so differently. It has given me the energy and calmness at the same time to do the things I needed to do but usually pushed aside and embrace simplicity as well as living on my own terms. I'm so glad I started this journey and would love for 2023 to remain unchanged.

Just having the desire to enjoy every little moment and no rush to impress. 

Kopitiam-style breakfast > western-style breakfast. I love them both wholeheartedly but I have a soft spot for a kopitiam breakfast, especially when it's homemade. It's the best you can have in the morning! 

Kopitiam breakfast: kaya toast with half-boiled egg *chef's kiss*

Lowkey birthday celebration is what I'm all about. I went for a belated 1-night birthday trip with the love of my life — I was getting all dolled up, spending a portion of the day bowling, eating good food while listening to Midnights by Taylor Swift, enjoying beautiful views and good company!

The hotel I went to for a belated birthday trip
Me, rocking a simple tee paired with jeans to play bowling
Love locks makes my heart full!

Making time to celebrate small wins was probably one of the most gratifying things I have done for myself. Just commemorate every little milestone! Own it! 

Nailed my driving test and got my driving license! It wouldn't be possible without my sister so this one's for her and one small bit for my courage and determination LOL. I registered for a driving license in July and got my license in November, several days before my birthday! Did I mention I nailed my driving test on the first attempt? *gasp* *throws confetti*

Obsessing over my $1 moisturizer and it's none other than the Nivea Crème. It's actually really good, especially when it's a bit colder towards the end of the year. I think it's my favourite discovery of 2022!

Peaceful kitty snores heard on a pitch-black night are probably one of my favourite sounds, after stepping on crisp autumn leaves and listening to the sound of my fingers hitting and typing on the keyboard. 

Quiet mornings are where it's at and there's something so therapeutic about it. The stillness, the quiet streets. Feels like I own the city.

Reevaluated everything in my life. I fell in love with the grind and the idea that every day is an opportunity to be better, and do better.  

Stack of packages — little joys of being a small business owner. Seeing a tiny mountain of packages waiting to be delivered is definitely some of my favourite parts about running Sisters & Brushes. It's always the little things! We had probably fulfilled more than 400 orders since our revamp in July 2021. To say it has been surreal is an understatement. 

Stack of packages - the joy of running a small business
Another stack of packages!

Taylor Swift's ‘Midnights’: my album of the year <3 I talked a little bit about it in this post and I'm saving another half of it in today's. This is a masterpiece. I feel like a broken record but this is just what I want in an album — it's deep, tragic, dreamy and comforting. Her mind just works in a way I can't comprehend. The thought she puts into this album and her songwriting never fail to amaze me. It packs a punch, it's always brutally honest, something that I can easily relate to, beautiful and complicated. And I can listen to this album for another full year. Or maybe two or three. 

Unfortunately, my chonky son (read: my cat) had been diagnosed with feline obesity. I honestly didn't know what to feel. I had to put him on this expensive diet food and he lost quite a bit of weight and that made me feel like I'm a bad mom. He's still my chonky boy but not so much anymore aahh :(

Vast ocean, vast sky, mind empty. 

The ocean is terrifying but beautiful at the same time
I'm on top of the world! Just kidding!
Oh, you can't see the Mount Kinabalu :(

Went to my mom's hometown and brought along my son to meet the rest of the families and celebrated Eid together after the so-called COVID! It was chaotic though, to say the least. But it was absolutely one of my favourite marks of last year. 

Me and my chonky son <3

Yay for 2022! I'm closing this chapter and will reopen it whenever I need to at some point in life. I'm forever grateful for everything. It's been great to slow down and it seems like 2022 didn't suck, after all. Here's to you 2022, I will always remember you. 

So, how was your 2022?