The Sunday Currently #18

The Sunday Currently #18

On this fine Sunday, I woke up to the sweet purring of my furbaby, eager to start the day with my beloved family. I kicked off the morning with a satisfying breakfast (it was my signature French toast and it was SO good!), fueling me for a day of productivity, fun and full of energy!

I have decided to write a quick blog post before I hop into my ‘office’ to do some admin work. It's currently thirty minutes to 12, and I find myself in the living room with some free time, so why not? Plus, I refuse to let this gorgeous day go to waste. Anyway, here's The Sunday Currently number eighteen ⟡



I'm currently booked with so many tasks that even my bookmarks are starting to collect dust. But don't worry, I'm eager to hit the books as soon as I clear my plate. I would love to read ‘Before The Coffee Gets Cold’ though. Apparently, it's a good book for anyone in a reading slump! Let me know your thoughts if you have read the book.


Currently typing away on this blog post like it's the only one in the world, but little does it know, a whole herd of blog posts and articles are waiting in line. #WritersLife #ArticleAfterArticle


Just juggling a symphony of sounds from all directions. It's like my ears are having a party and I'm the DJ. I can tell you one of them is this little sweet snore I heard coming from my furbaby; one of the cutest sounds!


Thinking a whirlwind of thoughts right now, and one of them is the looming admin work that's waiting for me. Time to put on my organizational hat and tackle those tasks head-on! #ProductivityModeActivated


Just caught a whiff of my own scent and I must say, it's like a wild rose blooming with sass and sophistication. Can you guess my scent for today? Yep, it is Wild Rose by Coach. It's confidence, charming, and fierce in a bottle. I love LOVE it. 


Wishing I could swap my reality for the sandy shores of Malibu. Where sun-kissed days blend with the cool ocean breeze, while I'm stuck here in the land of deadlines and spreadsheets. Can someone send a rescue boat? :(((


Hoping this stunning day sticks around like a catchy song on repeat! 


Rocking the ‘Luxe Lounge’ vibe today with my cosy shirt-meets-chic-linen-pants ensemble! I have barenbliss matte lip tint in Ruby Daisy on my lips, and a few coats of Maybelline Sky High mascara on my lashes, oh and, I'm also wearing my hair in loose twin-side pigtails. I got so excited to style my hair this morning because I did get a fresh haircut yesterday. Ooof, I can't stop staring at my new hair!


June vibes got me falling in love left and write! You see what I did there? ;) I just love my bullet journal theme for this month - it's slaying goals and doodles like nobody's business. And can we talk about Kayman Beauty's Skintella Moisturizing Gel? It's like a love letter to my skin, keeping it happy and glowin'. Embracing lots of self-love 'cause my skin got me feeling like a work of art, flaws and all ♡


To be done with today's task. Counting down every minute till I conquer today's to-do list like a boss. Ready to sip my victory with a delicious cup of motivation, also known as a cup of tea. It's my well-deserved reward for slaying the day with positivity and it's also my cheat day!


To stock up on my skincare essentials. Running dangerously low as I'm typing this eeekk!


Feeling like a floating cloud of happiness today! My heart is just filled with so much light and joy. Hope you are too. Sending cute smiles and happy vibes to everyone~

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Till next Sunday! Have a lovely weekend, loves ❤︎


  1. Such a great post sweetie!

    Danielle |

  2. I really like this style of post. Such joyful moments. xx