Quick Makeup Tips and Tricks

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Quick Makeup Tips and Tricks

I am back and I would like to share a few tips about makeup that I personally apply. I ain't makeup artist or Beyonce but I think it is wonderful if I get to share these with my fellow sisters out there. For my brothers, I am sorry, I have not come with any tips and tricks for you guys just yet. Perhaps, in the future? Okaaay, enough rambling. Keep reading this entry to know more!

  • Trick for the perfect winged liner, use a pencil liner first to build a perfect shape and clean up any mistakes with a cotton bud and a bit of makeup remover. Once you're happy with the look, top it off with liquid liner to get the perfect and clean line.
  • To make your lipstick budge-proof and last longer, line the lips with a lip liner and fill in the entire lips. Blot it with a tissue. Then, layer it by applying lipstick. Set it using one thin layer of tissue, layer it on the lips and lightly dusting powder on top. Voila! Your lipstick will last all day long.
  • Simple trick for larger looking eyes is to skip mascara on the bottom lashes. Tightline the eyes instead and use white or rose gold eyeliner in the waterline. You will have the prettiest, larger looking eyes.
  • To prevent puffy looking eyes, do not dot the concealer directly under the eyes. Instead, apply the concealer in an upside down triangle a little farther away from your eyes and pat the product using your ring finger or your beauty blender.
  • Before applying mascara, dust some powder over the lashes. It helps to make the lashes look thicker and more defined.
  • To make your teeth look whiter, go for lipsticks with a blue undertone! 
  • Apply the blush you use on the cheeks, on the lids as eyeshadow to have a fresh look and a put together kind of look. This is the least I can do since I don't wear eyeshadow that much.
  • Do not pump your mascara because it will only make your mascara dry out faster. Swirl them instead.
  • If you have small eyes, avoid dark eye makeup because it will only make them appear even smaller.
  • Apply blush not only on the cheeks but very lightly dust it around the forehead, nose and chin.
  • Always go for the eyebrows first before applying your eye makeup. When the brows are filled, it is easier to tell how far you need to take your eyeshadow or how long you can make the wing for your winged liner.

That's all for now. Give it a try of these if it isn't something you already do. It makes a huge difference for me. I hope it helps you too. If you have more tips and tricks that you think I should know, feel free to share it! x

What do you think?

  1. Great tips lenne :D I'm used to wear makeup everyday before, but now i barely wear make. haha


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