Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone around the globe had a blast and let's hope 2017 is a good one. I'm feeling very relax and I just want to chill. I wasn't planning on write or post anything today actually but whatever. So let's!

my 2016 in alphabetical order

A | Ampoule. It's something that has to do with skin care and I discovered it in 2016. To be honest, I don't think it did something to my skin so far but in the long run? I don't know. #PrayForMySkin 

B | Breathe. Doesn't matter if I'm mad or sad or anxious, breathe is the best technique for me to like get my shit together yknow. No matter what it is, I just inhale and exhale slowly and I'm all good.

C | Corn in a cup. It's like the best thing to munch on and perfect for sweater weather.

D | "Dang gurl". Is probably my most used words throughout the year.

E | Eyebrows. I may not have the best tools for my eyebrow game but I still manage to get it on fleek all bloody time. But really though, you don't have to have much to make something happen :)

F | Face masks. If you don't already know, I'm a biggest fan of face mask. I love to tweet my thoughts on certain masks, but not all the time. Just go to Guardian, Watsons, Sasa or any drugstore and you will bound to "face mask heaven" 😄

G | Google. Google is like my best friend now. I personally too lazy to Google but year 2016 has required me a lot of Google-ing so yeah. 

H | Hash browns. I started to love hash browns again after not eating it for couple of years. And still after so long, McDonald's hash browns are still the best hash browns invented. 

I | Ignore. I chose to ignore negative vibes be it on my blog here or in real life. It's not worth the time so might as well ignore it.

J | Jealousy. I'm a jealous person by nature. I used to have this negative initial reaction towards people's achievement or success. But in year 2016, I learned how to be grateful and not beating myself for not being as successful. And I learned it from the best. 

K | Kylie Jenner. This may seem ridiculous or funny but I want to be Kylie Jenner so bad. She's so successful and she's living everything that I have to live without. Be grateful, lenne.

L | Lectures. I'm sick of it but I want to be educated so.

M | Maybelline. Probably one of my favorite drugstore brand and I discovered a lot of their products last year even though I'm broke. I didn't have the chance to share it here because my schedule is packed and I have quite a number of drafts that I need to work on and edit so please bear with me.

N | Nailed it. My presentations. I hate my school for having a heck lot of presentation every week but glad I nailed every single one of it. 

O | Opportunity. I'm so blessed and thankful for 2016 as it opened up a lot of opportunities for me to grab. I feel different but in a good way.

P | Planning. Planning is the key. Not only for your life but for the blog. Lol. I mean I started using schedule post around the year of 2016. It makes your blog lit if you know how to plan and to know which post you need to get up first etc etc.

Q | Quizzes. I'm sick of it. Know what's worse? Online quizzes. Ugh it makes me nervous profusely. 

R | Rain. I wish it rains more but wishing on that means I'm messing with people's photography game lol. I love rain. Who's with me?

S | Sales. Since I'm always broke, the word SALES doesn't intrigue me as per usual. I don't know if it's because I'm always broke or this is a huge wake up call telling me to save money. I don't know, maybe none of that two. Whatever.

T | Talk. Yes gurl, I learned from the best. No matter what you are facing in your relationship, no matter what the circumstances are, just talk. And don't leave things hanging. Talk. It's 2017. Grow up. 

U | Unwrapping packages. I always get excited to open packages that came in the mail. Well, who doesn't? Also, I always want to do a blog post where we "unwrap things together" yknow but it never happened.

V | Vanilla. Need I say more? It's my ultimate favorite scent.

W | Wedding planning. I know what you're thinking. But gurl, I made a lot of planning and making decisions as if I'm going to tie the knot in 3 months time. I know gurl. I sometimes think that I'm too young for all of this but I think it's okay to at least have a plan because, again, planning is the key. Lol. But timing can be a bitch.

X | Xmas! Where I got seven days break from school (thank god!) and 70% of it I spent watching xmas movies and more oldies but goldies movies. Xmas is probably one of the most beautiful time of the year in my opinion because it gets colder and chilly outside. I just love it.

Y | Young at heart. I'm still behaving as if I'm younger than I really am. Trust me, I'm really playful (I'm turning 21 fgs!) but it's not childlike okay. Childlike is just plain annoying. 

Z | Zzz. Obviously I can't think of any words lol. But seriously, sleep in is what I look forward to E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. I know it sounds bad but whatever.

That's that. I hope you enjoy and make a version of yours! Have a good one and till then x.