Picture-Perfect Blogging: 8 Easy Photo Tips to Try

Picture-Perfect Blogging: 8 Easy Photo Tips to Try

Hello, gorgeousness! So, I'm not exactly a pro at photography blogging, but having a blog kind of pulls you into the whole photography/flatlay world. Just a heads up—I don't have any fancy DSLR camera. Nope, not me. But I figured, why not share some tips and tricks on taking blog photos with our trusty smartphones? I've picked up a few things along the way, and I thought it might help you step up your photo game too.


Pick a bright background

Opting for a bright background can be a game-changer in low-light situations, especially if you're dealing with a cozy or compact space. Think whites, beiges, or nudes—they're fantastic because they're straightforward and give off a neat vibe. Personally, I'm all about that warm white backdrop; it really makes your flatlays stand out. Right now, I'm totally into this fluffy white carpet—it's my new favorite!

Natural light is the way to go

Using natural light is usually the way to go for your photos. I'm no pro photographer, but if you ask one, they'd likely say the same. I find that taking shots indoors near a window with the curtains open for that sunlight works great – that's just my go-to. I prefer waiting for the afternoon sun because it's the easiest to work with. This way, I can play around with the shadows in my photos.

Check out the pics I snapped for my blog and let's see which one looks better in terms of lighting.

Picture-Perfect Blogging: 8 Easy Photo Tips to Try

Picture-Perfect Blogging: 8 Easy Photo Tips to Try

The picture on the left is way better, no doubt. I took both shots inside, but the left one was by a window with the curtains open. The right one, though, was just me trying to snap something with my bedroom light, and it didn't turn out so hot. That's why the left one looks heaps better – the light made all the difference.

Play around with framing

Setting up your shot is like finding the sweet spot for your camera angle to capture great photos of whatever you're focusing on. I usually start by centering my subject, but then I like to mix things up by adjusting the frame. Sometimes, I want my subject off-center to add a different vibe. It's been a journey for me to get the hang of it, but with practice, you'll find your groove too!

Just take plenty of photos

When snapping pictures, try out various setups—that's where understanding framing comes in handy. I usually take loads of photos and pick the top ones to share. Don't worry about nailing it on the first attempt; taking lots of shots gives you plenty of options. It's not only easier but also helps you improve your photography skills over time.

You don't need to spend a fortune

Have you noticed how awesome smartphone cameras have become lately? Seriously, you can capture stunning photos with just your phone—I'm not kidding! No need to drop cash on a fancy DSLR. It's all about how you set up your shot, add a bit of style, and choose the right spot.

Spice it up with some props

When you snap pictures, having a few props on hand can really jazz up your photos. It makes a real difference! Props can literally be anything. I mean, anything that pops into your head—like scarves, makeup brushes, books, shirts, fake (or even real) plants, dried flowers, or even just a cozy cup of tea. Anything that adds a little oomph to your pics, you know?

Or keep it simple

Some people believe that keeping things simple is the key to looking really cool, and you know what? I totally get it. When you load up your pics with too much stuff, it can mess up the whole point of your photography, and suddenly your pic doesn't look so pro anymore. Right now, I'm all about simplicity, big time. I always make sure my main thing is front and center, maybe toss in a little prop like fake flowers for some company. If you're just starting out, keeping it easy is a smart move. As you get the hang of things, you can spice up your pics with new stuff bit by bit.

Enhance with editing

A bit of tweaking never hurt anyone! It's just about boosting your photo's good stuff. No need to be a pro for some small changes that'll actually up your photo game. I'm a Lightroom fan for most of my edits – if you haven't hopped on that train, now's your chance. It can turn a nice pic into something awesome. My tip: go easy on the edits. No need for crazy filters or wild colors; just keep it chill and sharp.

Bottom line: try, try, try. Take loads of shots until you nail it. No one's a photo genius from day one, especially for a blog. Baby steps, alright? Don't let all those fancy pics on other blogs get you down. Hope these tips help you out in some way!

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Do you take your own photos? What's your secret to taking better photos for your blog?


  1. I use to display all sorts of things when I take flatlay photos. But now I like to keep it simple, as simple as I could.
    Btw, loving your photos, they all so pretty!

    1. Simple is my way to go as of now. Thanks Tqa! xx

  2. Thank you for those tips. I will try to do it next time :) x