Five Things In January 2021

Five Things In January 2021
My January was pretty packed. 

Anyway, I haven't done this in years. Haha! I thought I should bring back my Five Things from the archive of my blog because I can? I've never gone consistent with my monthly recaps. Let's be honest, how many monthly recaps that's been renamed (and also dumped) on this blog? What a shame. I love this one the most though, that's why I will try my hardest to consistently get my monthly updates up on the blog by the end of the month. Here to read my past Five Things.

1. Been featured on Vulcan Post!

This is, without a doubt, has to be the highlight of my January! I am still pinching myself that our CD painting business (@sistersandbrushes) got featured. Like, seriously?! If you didn't already know, my sister and I started taking our daily activities and turning them into a small business where we could earn a little commission in December last year.

Didn't think we would get such amazing responses from people around us, let alone to be featured on an article. Up to this day, there really is nothing like the thrill and excitement of people reading and sharing the article that has your name, face and, work featured. 

I know I haven't had the time to write a post dedicated to our small CD painting business but I think this one's pretty fitting at this moment. Hopefully, you will get to know our story better after reading the article. It was wonderfully written by Faye Lee. She is a sweetheart. This opportunity has definitely helped us reach a milestone! 

Read the full article here

2. Job update

Sadly, no good news in this one. So far, I went for 2 job interviews this month and haven't heard back from them yet. I will try to have a positive mindset. I mean, whatever, I am managing my CD painting business, right? I am fully devoted to my brand new baby. I am still hopeful though that I will find a better opportunity during these tough times. Pray for me :)

3. Sugar cravings kick in

Curbing your sweet tooth isn't easy. Something about eating sugar just lifts up your mood. I can't be the only one that feels like this. My oven and microwave have been working day to night to fuel my crazy sugar cravings. I baked the infamous, easy-to-follow 1-minute-microwave brownie at 4 in the morning, twice. Is that not crazy? And I made brookies, again, just for fun. Who am I? I guess I am filling up those burnt fats all over again.

4. January's after-the-pen bullet journal flip through

People normally share their bullet journal setup at the beginning of the month but I'll share it every end of the month, okay? I don't have any specific themes this month. I just went very simple with it and not too crowded. That's what I am aiming for. I have a mini January calendar, as well as a big one, expenses log, habit tracker, gratitude log, and weeklies. Simple but absolutely necessary for me.

Five Things In January 2021

5. A part of something super exciting!

On 18th January at 6pm, I was approached by Kayman Beauty to be one of the firsts to try their new moisturizer! I am pleased to report that I am loving the texture and I have no issues with it so far. It's so light and looks like it could be the moisturizer for oily skin. Now I know this moisturizer is not a miracle worker, I just happen to skip makeup as often as I could these few days and only use gentle and hydrating products. I guess that helped a lot too. I am so excited for the release and I will definitely get it and replace my holy-grail drugstore moisturizer. 
Well, now it's your turn. How's your January?


  1. I've seen your Instagram countdown for this post and I'm so glad I could read this! 🤣 And Congratulations for getting your business featured in Vulcan Post!!! Your CDs look AMAZINGGG. Same here, I've been applying for over 10 jobs and still waiting for their feedback. Let's hope we'll land a job soon! ✨

    1. Goodluck on your job interview . Hopefully you’ll get good news soon

    2. Thank you Wani! In Shaa Allah we will get a job soon! <3

  2. Good luck ciklenne sayang 💖

  3. How exciting for you and your sister - Congratulations! I love your bullet journal layout - so neat! x


  4. Good luck on the job front! I've been looking for a new job now since I got made redundant. Fingers crossed we both find something soon. x

    Zoey |

  5. I loved reading this, it has added a little positivity to my day! Congrats on the interviews, I hope the results are what you hope for xx

  6. I'm sorry, but your bullet journal layout is GORGEOUS! I love the aesthetic of it. Good luck with the job search! Hopefully one of those interviews pay off!

    Katie |