Let's Talk Cheeks | 10 Best Affordable Blushes

Let's Talk Cheeks | 10 Best Affordable Blushes

Hello, gorgeousness! It's been a while since my last Let's Talk Makeup series. So many of you loved this series and requested me to do the blush version. I am a big blush fanatic. I wear it every single time I do my makeup. I've been going ham with the blush. And I don't have an excuse for why it took me so long to do this but today I am finally going to be sharing an updated drugstore/ affordable blush that I think beat high-ends.

10 best affordable blushes:

1. Catrice Blush Box Water-Sweatproof Blush | Budget: RM15-RM18
This is my go-to blush. They have the most flattering blush shades in my opinion. If you like the classic Milani Luminoso blush, the one in Golden Coral is identical to that except it's not as luminous as the Luminoso. It has a silky matte finish that really promotes a healthy and natural glow. The formula is great, lasts a long time on my oily skin, and blends like a dream. My everyday blush shade is Nude Peach.

2. Essence Matt Touch Blush | Budget: RM13-RM15
Don't be fooled by the name. It's surprisingly so silky and definitely has a little hint of sheen that I like to call 'glow from within' type of sheen. It's so ironic that they call these blushes matte though. Anyway, the shade Cherry Me Up is my favourite! It's the perfect rosy-pink flush that I always want on my cheeks. Staying power is unexpectedly great for how freaking affordable it is, it's not powdery on the cheeks, and it melts into your skin so well, but the only downside to it is that it does flake when you swirl your brush in the pan. 

3. Essence Satin Touch Blush | Budget: RM13-RM15
We're already talking about it so might as well just mention this one. This blush has the I-just-came-from-the-cold-outside type of blush. At least that is the vibe I am getting with this blush. It makes you look really flushed from within. Something about it is just so effortless and natural and it just 'works' without trying too hard. So pretty on the cheeks but I forgot to mention earlier that Essence is the worst when it comes to packaging. I get it, it's not that deep, and what matters the most is the product, right? But I can't help it I keep losing the lid after several uses. It gets pretty annoying at this point. 

4. Maybelline Fit Me Blush | Budget: RM25-RM30
Maybelline has great blushes as well. The one in the shade Wine is my favourite. I've gone through so many of them already. It's so soft to the touch, it doesn't flake at all or dusty, it's almost like a baked formula but isn't. The finish is absolutely gorgeous. It gives you a just-nice satin finish. Pigmentation is where it's at. It can get pretty intense but I like to go ham with my blushes anyway. 

5. IN2IT Waterproof Single Blush | Budget: RM18-RM20
I used to be obsessed with IN2IT blushes. I still do, but I guess I like to try more from other brands as well now so IN2IT got pretty lost in the shuffle. But hey! Their blushes are some of the hidden gems. I just can't get only one shade from their blush collection. They have the best pigmentation, blend nicely on the cheeks also stay on my oily cheeks for a long period of time. 

6. IN2IT Sheer Shimmer Blush | Budget: RM18-RM20
If you're in for a shimmery blush, this one is for you. Shimmery blushes can be tricky because they accentuate every texture on the skin but I have never experienced that with this blush. The colour payoff is pretty subtle but you can build it up and it looks so pretty. It feels like you have glowy cheeks with a hint of colour. This can be doubled up as a blush topper or even an eyeshadow as well. 

7. Wet N Wild Coloricon Blush | Budget: RM20-RM25
The shade Pearlescent Pink is a classic! It's the perfect peachy pink nude shade with a lovely subtle golden sheen. The sheen gives you a lovely natural glow on the cheeks. You can tell by now I love blushes that have a little sheen or aren't flat matte in general. This is beautiful. The pigmentation is buildable. The formula overall is pretty impressive for how cheap it is! 

8. Rimmel Maxi Blush | Budget: RM23-RM25
Rimmel is one of those brands that are pretty hit-and-miss for me but I really do enjoy the formula of their blushes. It's pretty sheer when swatched, but it still looks stunning on the cheeks and blends seamlessly. Overall a hit for me but it's always the packaging that irks me. Well, it's not a biggie. As long as the product works, I am pleased.

9. Palladio Botanical & Vitamin Infused Matte Blush | Budget: RM25-RM28
This blush in the shade Chic in particular made me fall in love once again with makeup after a long hiatus. It's not really matte blush in my opinion. It's more like a velvety matte and all of the shades are so flattering on my medium-tanned skin. It's quite powdery when you swirl your brush in the pan but it's not chalky or appears powdery on the cheeks. 

10. Milani Rose Powder Blush | Budget: RM50-RM53
You can't go wrong with Milani blushes and the shade Romantic Rose is so beautiful. It's exactly how it's described. A romantic rosy-pink shade. I think it's one of the perfect pinks that's not too pink or muted and gives a nice subtle sheen on the cheeks. The colour payoff is incredible, it's super wearable and versatile. It's quite pricey for the drugstore price tag but if you can snatch these while on sale, it's going to be worth it.

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What's your favorite affordable blushes at the moment? Have you tried the ones I have mentioned?


  1. my favourite steal blush will be by sobella.. i love the texture and the color pay off. Andddd for the splurge will be tarte amazonian clay blush.. :)

    1. I've never tried any from Sobella. I hope it's lovely on me, I really wanna get at least one. Tarte blushes are gorgeous and no doubt the best for oily skin gals xx

  2. How have I not tried any of these?! All of these sound amazing. I love a good blush, and have been meaning to try the Milani rose one for so long xx

    Hannah | https://luxuryblush.co.uk/

    1. The rose blush is amazing! It's definitely worth the hype xx

  3. I'm not really a blush girl anymore but these all sound fab - I love Rimmel blushes x

  4. I haven't tried any of these, but they sound great and I love their price point! Side note: I just started following you on Insta and you are beautiful! xx

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

    1. They're all pretty affordable! And yes girl I saw you. You're beautiful too, doll! xx

  5. I haven't tried any of these but they sound lovely. x

    Zoey | www.zoeyolivia.com

  6. So many pretty blushes here! I have the Catrice blush and love it too. That Milano rose blush looks so pretty!

    Eileen | yesmissy.com

    1. It's incredible and it's cheap! I love them all xx

  7. Thank you so much for writing this on affordable blushes! I'm adding so many of these to my wishlist haha!

    Katy | www.katystephenson.com

  8. I love the Maybelline blushes, they're beautiful. ELF blushes are nice, too! x