Is 'Blogging For Fun' Still Relevant?

Sitting in front of my bedroom window earlier this evening thinking it has been almost 12 years since I hit publish on my first post, on my first blog. So much has changed since I started over in 2015. There definitely have been days where I feel like I'm not being as creative as I normally would. I totally have lost my blogging mojo. And to top it off, when was the last time I did a sponsored post?

Then I started to wonder, is anyone out there still blogging for fun? Is 'blogging for fun' still relevant? 

I think a lot of bloggers back then start their blogs because they have some kind of knowledge that they think would be cool to share online. And that's what made me start to take blogging seriously. I love sharing resources that I have put together in my own platform. Sharing knowledge about blogging, beauty reviews, and all that jazz is just one of the fantastic feelings. And when my personal experience can be helpful to someone even in the smallest bit, I am beyond happy. I guess that's probably the huge reason to motivate many people to blog, apart from making money out of it.

Maybe me sharing my skincare tips isn't anything impactful or groundbreaking, but it might help someone to slowly feel better by letting them to personally try the tips and that's always been my intention. To help others to feel the best version of themselves no matter what that might be.

Is 'Blogging For Fun' Still Relevant?

I know 2021 has just started but I have had a lot of lows already. And just recently I hear less and less about how people want to share their true experiences and more about how people want to make money so bad. I know this is a really trying time for us but I thought where was the intention that goes "I just want to share what I have learned this week!"? All I am getting is an "I want to get paid for this" vibe. I am not judging anyone. I am coming from a happy place, this is, of course, an observation of mine.

It's just not fair sometimes for someone to jump into digital content just to make money without having any passion behind it, putting your heart and soul into a content, or simply never blog for fun before. 

Obviously, doing something for fun is super subjective. To me, just because a blog doesn't make money, doesn't mean it's not a lot of work. And when a blog does make money, doesn't mean one can suck the fun out of 'blogging as a hobby'. 

As for me, I've blogged for fun and for money. I am doing a little bit of both but having fun is definitely my goal. 

I don't know where I am going with this blog post, but maybe someone can relate to it? Maybe it inspires someone out there to voice out their opinion. I hope having a blog as a hobby is never running out of style and that blogging for fun is still relevant. I want to help as many creators who put a lot of work into their content. I want to have fun for a bit with blogging this year. I can do it!

What do you think? Is blogging for fun still relevant? Would you still blog even if you never made money out of it?