A Guide To Finding The Best Shapewear

Despite having comfortable bras and undies, I made it necessary to have a good few pieces of shapewear. Sometimes, we do want a little extra help from the shapewear department to give us the shape we desire, right? Getting the right shapewear that's comfortable is important for me because I can easily fit in dresses and having a figure that I truly confident in without any issue.

Finding the best one can be rather overwhelming because you have no clue which one has the best tummy control, hides muffin tops, and slims thighs. Well, fear not ladies. You are all caught up with Lover-Beauty, a leading online retailer that specializes in shapewear, lingerie, to even waist trainer wholesaleIf you're considering adding shapewear to your wardrobe, then let me guide you to find the best one that's comfortable and affordable! (Who doesn't love a good bargain, aye?)

Always go for a steel-boned waist trainer

This is one of the forgiving types of waist trainers and has a lot of benefits. A structured steel-boned waist trainer is great for everyday wear that smooths out your figure and also helps to improve posture. This typically comes with 3 rows of buckles that allow you to adjust the fit to your liking. And the combination of soft and sturdy fabric with the steel bone is perfect because it allows you to have fun and move around comfortably. I can even bend and squat in these types of waist trainers!

A Guide To Finding The Best Shapewear

Consider moderate control shapewear

Shapewear comes in several different levels of tummy control and my favorite one to wear is the moderate level as I need more than just smoothing out but nothing too overly firm because that's a bit intense to wear all day. Moderate control shapewear is enough to provide you with good support. As long as you can comfortably sit down, bend, and move around without it being rolling down or bulging, you're good to go. So, this is my favorite pair of cheap shapewear, that has a moderate level of firmness, has a breathable fabric, and definitely has the stay-in-place benefits.

A Guide To Finding The Best Shapewear

Choose shapewear that separates from your bra

A full-body shaper is a no-no. The reason for this is that every woman's breasts are different and we have different cup sizes, right? A full body shaper tends to have a one-size-fits-all type of coverage and you certainly don't want to fit into the wrong size when it comes to your feminine area. 

A 2-in-1 is one of the solutions as it is perfect for the upper and lower body situation. You can focus on body shaping, as well as thigh slimming. This is perfect for y'all jumpsuit lovers out there. This is definitely my speed because I personally love a good short rather than the entire leg coverage one that can be uncomfortable to wear for a longer period of time. 

A Guide To Finding The Best Shapewear

Lover-Beauty's undergarments range is absolutely affordable, comfortable, breathable, and offers great support. I am so drawn to their waist trainers (that you can buy multiple pairs at a wholesale price!) as well as their shapewear range. It's so many to choose from and they certainly didn't minus out our plus size ladies out there! It's just great to see brands that cater to everyones' sizes. So, get that curves now ladies and you're all set for your Eid photos soon. I can see myself flaunting my Eid outfit in my best figures with Lover-Beauty's shapewear!

Which one is your favorite from my picks? What is your personal guide to finding the best shapewear?