Reacting To My Old Blogging Sins

Hello, gorgeousness! I thought it would be fun to take a look at my blogging sins that I have committed in the past today. I remember feeling like I don't belong to certain blogging standards that are set by the blogging community while writing the post. I am going to feel lots of emotions looking back over my older blogging sins and reminiscing where I have started and seen how far my blog has become now. 

Read the original post here: My Blogging Sins

Blogging Sin #1: I don't have any white bedsheet/ marble background

Wow. Why does this have to be on top of the list? I think it was around that time where you would see never-ending pictures of products on top of a white bedsheet or marble background/ countertops. I even questioned myself "Are you even a blogger? So where's your marble background?"

This shouldn't be a sin because it's not a big deal. I guess I was really overwhelmed by how many bloggers back then have that aesthetically-pleasing flatlay with a marble/ white bedsheet background. 

Well, I do have a marble background now for my blog photos, so am I a real blogger yet? Let me tell you, you can take photos wherever you please and there's nothing to do with you being a real blogger or not. As long as you have your own platform and you believe that you're a blogger, I must say that you are a blogger. 

Blogging Sin #2: I don't give a damn about SEO/ my stats

This is something I have never pay attention to so much. I know... I am very amateur. To be honest, SEO doesn't do much for my website, at all. It might for yours but for many years this is not how my readers find me and how I build my audience. I might be losing out on lots of opportunities out there and could be ranked higher but I am comfortable with my current readers, my keywords, and how I set the tone for my blog. 

As far as statistics go, I would say I give a little damn about it now. And I put a little effort to improve my DA score since last year and I guess my little hard work paid off. Long story short, this is not me saying that one shouldn't put in effort when it comes to your growth but whatever is comfortable for you, just go for it. 

Blogging Sin #3: I don't have a bullet journal

I was so clueless about bullet journaling back then. It feels like a normal notebook thingamajig, but it is not? Well, look at me now. I have one but it's really personal to me and not meant for blogging particularly. Jotting down stuff has been my thing for as long as I can remember, so I kind of know bullet journaling is something for me too. I started probably nearly 2 years ago and that's when I knew bullet journaling...

  • doesn't need a lot of supplies
  • not a handwritten planner
  • doesn't need to be done every day
  • isn't a waste of time
  • doesn't have to be heavily artistic

The list could go on for a while. To be honest, I am quite late on the bandwagon but that's fine. You can dive into bullet journaling whenever you want. For me, it's not completely life-changing on a bigger scale but it has changed my life for the better and I love bullet journaling so much now!

Blogging Sin #4: I have unstable blogging niches

I was known for beauty blogging back then and I guess I still do now a little bit. To be fair, I have never really had issues with my niches because I wrote about simply everything from beauty to blogging so I could fall into the lifestyle pond if that makes any sense.

I think at one time it was the pressure of being called a beauty blogger when you're not really constantly reviewing products or doing a bunch of tutorials. Now I blog just about everything and I just want to put up content that people will certainly enjoy. 

Blogging Sin #5: I don't have a DSLR

I used to think it's a sin to not have my own DSLR. Many bloggers have their pictures taken with a DSLR so I thought this must be the standard, right? I beg to differ. I have been using my phone's camera for my blog photos forever. Natural lighting, Lightroom and a few simple props are my best friends when it comes to taking blog photos. If I had to wait for the perfect camera and tools to take my pictures, I would never get any up. These are the only resources I have and I do the best with them which has always served me well. 

Blogging Sin #6: I am domain name-less

I mentioned in the post that if money is not my #1 problem, I will do just about anything for my blog. I was a broke college student when I started to take blogging seriously so that's fair. I started really small and learn as I go. Having your own domain name is pretty awesome because it's specific to you. Your domain name is yours alone and it seems professional. There, I said it. I am glad I wasn't rushed into getting a domain at that time or even worse, moving platforms. I am so glad I stayed with Blogger because it's the easiest for me to manage. 

Have you ever committed these blogging sins? What are some blogging standards that you don't mind anymore?