5 Common Bullet Journal Myths You Should Never Believe

Today I will be debunking a few common misconceptions about bullet journaling. It has been on my mind lately. I see some people jump on this bandwagon just because it's trendy. It's more like a helper for your productivity and getting organized. Because of how seemingly "perfect" and creative bullet journals are online, a lot of people can be intimidated by that and come to the wrong interpretation about the "right way" to bullet journal. 

I am not here to teach you the right way to bullet journal and there's no such thing as the "right way" to do it (this is also a myth!). I am here to stop you from believing your nasty thoughts about bullet journaling. I know you have those thoughts because I did when I first starting to keep a bullet journal. Well, most of the things are completely untrue and let's talk about it!

Myth #1: There is a "right way" to do it

Let's talk about this first. There is no real "right way" to do it. Yes, I said it. The whole idea of bullet journaling is to create something that works for you; flexible and customized to fit your needs. You can do anything you want in your bullet journal and don't ever think yours is the wrong way to do it.

I have found that my setups have evolved so much since I started bullet journaling. I have been able to create a system that works best for me. It's a whole process and I have definitely come a long way. As long as it works for you - you're doing it right.

Myth #2: You have to be creative at doodling/ drawing/ lettering

No. You don't have to be artistically talented to keep a bullet journal. Some people incorporate art, lots of doodles and creative letterings into their bullet journals but that doesn't mean you have to. If that isn't your thing, you can totally do it your OWN way. There are a lot of minimalist bullet journals out there without any heavy embellishments and they look immaculate! 

I do decorate my bullet journal with doodles but nothing too crazy and lots of modern calligraphy just because I like to keep it that way (I can assure you they all look super amateur). My setups are pretty much the same every month and that's absolutely fine. You don't have to be incredibly creative to start a bullet journal.

Myth #3: You need tons of fancy supplies

You don't need it all. The only necessities for bullet journaling are a notebook and just a few writing instruments. The bullet journal method itself is already minimalist. You may feel like you just have to get those fancy markers or a few rolls of washi tapes.

I am not saying fancy supplies are bad for you, no. I have these things and trust me, you will probably end up not using half of what you buy. And those brush pens tend to have a much higher price than your average pen. Don't feel the pressure to catch up with other people and their stationery supplies.

Myth #4: You need to be consistent

You don't have to. This isn't a must, it's an option. It's totally fine if you miss a day or two. Sometimes we just need a break from something and you can take a break from bullet journaling too.

I sometimes take a few breaks where I would skip a day or two or an entire month! You can use your bullet journal as often or as little as you want. There's no pressure to follow other people's routine.

Myth #5: Bullet journal takes a lot of time/ makes you less productive

"Bullet journal is too much work and time-consuming!"

I am pretty sure you have heard this at least once in your life. This is probably the biggest myth of all! It can take a lot of time ONLY if you want to. If you're really concerned about your time, you always have an option to use a printable bullet journal. Yay for bullet journal efficiency!

I personally spend 2-3 hours doing my monthly setups and I am fine with it. The time I spend on my bullet journal is major when it comes to my mental well-being. I find it so calm and peaceful. Nothing really takes away your productivity when you're clearly creating a system that's customized to you.

Do you have a bullet journal? What's other bullet journal myth you would add to the list?