Little Things I Do in The Morning To Make The Day Better

I am not much of a morning person by choice but this year has been quite the opposite for me. It's definitely something I am working on because I have been starting my day at 3pm for over 15 years now and that speaks volume. Now I just want to get things done in the morning and still have plenty of time for myself and everything else before the sun sets. 

I've learned that it really radiates more positive energy into our lives if we start it with good habits or routines. It's also important to know that how you start your morning really sets the tone for the rest of the day. I just want to feel more mornings the year and it's definitely not a smooth journey. However, these things I do in the morning really helped me to make the rest of my day better and I hope you may find these helpful too!

Make the bed

It's really that simple. I feel better just by making my own bed because less clutter = less stress. I feel so accomplished even if it's something small. I used to never really make my bed and it actually drives me nuts.

Have some natural sunlight

Opening all the curtains and letting natural sunlight flood my space really elevates my mood. Sunlight is a natural energy giver so it's really important to have it in the morning. 

Take a walk

Speaking of sunlight, I just love to take a walk in the morning. It really helps to clear a messy mind and it brings nothing but positive energy. It's just you, the sun and the scenery. Sounds so therapeutic to me!


I am all for my stretching routine because I want to have K-idols' killer shoulder and neckline so bad. All jokes aside, stretching is great to help loosen your muscles after sleeping. I spend just 15 minutes doing light stretching or a few yoga poses which really gets me ready to accomplish more tasks.

Have a good morning drink

I love to have a cup of warm tea, especially in the morning. It's not really a healthy option but I just can't function without my tea. It comforts me.

Shower before 10am

I like to set a target on everything I do, one of them is this. I feel so good when I shower early in the morning. It's used to be before 8 but that's not realistic to me. Sometimes I woke up pretty late so I changed it to 10. 

Feed stray cats

My backyard is pretty much their shelter so it's easy for me to find them and feed them. How can you not be happy or at least be in a good mood after feeding the strays? 

Do my skincare routine

It's something that I look forward to every single day and I just can't wait to put a checkmark on that in my bullet journal. Doing my skincare routine in the quiet morning hours is just the best. 


It's sometimes the very first thing I do as soon as I wake up. I need to make this a habit because it does work. I will say something really positive about myself and that it's going to be a great day and it really works, most of the time.

What are the little things you do in the morning to make the rest of your day feel better?