Five Things In July 2021

Five Things In July 2021
The past four weeks have been insane. I was occupied with so much work and I feel like a robot that refused to pause and take a break. Life was hectic and with that came a lot of anxiety. It was quite a mentally challenging month for me. 

I feel like I always start my intro this depressing when it comes to my Five Things blog post. I don't want to sound like I am whining or complaining. I am not. Let's just end July on a positive note, shall we? Read on for five smaller daily things that made me feel happy and grateful in July.

having productive workweeks

July was the month of me being super productive. It's actually quite tense if I am being honest, but I have definitely had a productive month. There's always something to do every day in July.

In the AM and weekdays it's usually occupied with my small business; take a bunch of pictures, videos, brainstorming, creating content, dealing with heaps of inquiries etc. Later at night, I spent most of the time working on my blog. Weekends were free for me to spend it how I liked it to be, so for instance, I painted my closet, tried new recipes and probablycleared” some stuff out from my Shopee cart. Ooops.

Having this sort of productiveness made me so happy and I am so proud of myself. So even though it was quite hectic and tense, I am incredibly grateful for this routine I had going on and I am hoping to be this productive in August. 

receiving packages

Let's talk about my latest obsession with “clearing” my Shopee cart for a while. I know I have been in a low-buy for 7 months now and it's still going strong, I promise you. But I hate to say that I broke it last month. Yup. 

It's one of the things that apparently keeps me sane in this stupid lockdown that we still have after many moons of COVID. I know, it's the incompetent government for me. 

Anyway, it seems like online shopping is the only shopping we do nowadays, and with that comes waiting times between the moment you place your order and the moment you get your package. I mean, finally getting that “Out for delivery” notification on my phone is definite bliss. 

july's bullet journal flip-through

bullet journal july spread flip through
bullet journal july spread flip through
I think this was one of my prettiest bullet journal spreads ever. I remember it didn't take too much time to make because it was minimalist-ish to me. I had to draw a bunch of random shapes and flowers and that's it.

Anyway, please don't look at the no-spend section. I totally butchered that part but I am not sorry. It's much needed actually. I will do better this month! Apart from that, everything seemed excellent. Told ya it was a hella productive month. Yay me! Oh and, I added a few new spreads and one of them is a mood tracker. It's honestly super helpful.

bullet journal july spread flip through
Okay, we've talked about my unhealthy spending habit earlier so let's move on. I think I did okay as far as sleeping goes. I managed to get more than 5 hours of sleep every day but I really need to get off YouTube before bed! It has taken a toll on me.

bullet journal july spread flip through
bullet journal july spread flip through
This is the other new spread! Currently; inspired by ashtyn_plans on Instagram. I really liked it and decided to do it again for this month's spread. And there's just too much work-related on my weeklies I decided not to show it hehe. If I have pending plans, I carried them forward and tried my best to accomplish them (which I did! yay me!)

blue skies and sunshine

I had to make this look good so it doesn't sound like I am complaining it's scorching hot. It's very hot right now in most countries. There's not a lot of rain and not a single cloud in sight.

Actually, it's a blessing for me as a small business owner. I can take plenty of good photos of the products and not having to edit them too much. Natural lighting photography is the best! Thank you, sunshine but can I get like proper weather this month? I want to enjoy my warm tea and cornish.

homemade iced hot chocolate 

Speaking of beverages and the sun, this has been my go-to drink in July. It has to be a refreshing hot chocolate taste that reminds you of wintertime, but it's served completely chilled! Perfect for the warmest days.

I have been making this all the time but the perfect way to enjoy it is during midnight when I have nothing left to do anymore. Just me and the beverage. Pure happiness. 

I should probably say that I am drinking enough water as well to stay hydrated in the healthiest way possible. Just thinking I should throw this out there. I am taking care of myself but this iced hot chocolate is totally a decadent treat!
It's the little things that make life big. What are the little things that made you happy last month?


  1. What a little thing made me happy last month eh??? emmmmmm berani reply story lenne dekat ig kot :P hahaha

    1. Haha that's so random! But you should do it more, I don't bite haha! xx

  2. Oh I love packages too, I'm on a low buy too so not many coming for me this past month haha xx

    Danielle's Beauty Blog 

  3. I love an iced chocolate, you really can't beat it!! Loved reading this post x

  4. I've never tried iced chocolate before - I'll have to search up a recipe :) Loving your bullet journal spread as always, your posts always inspire me to crack my journal out! xx

    mia //

  5. I always look forward to seeing your journal layouts! Sounds like you had a busy, but enjoyable, month! x


  6. Your bullet journal is inspiring! I would love to start x