Five Things in June 2022

Welcome to another Five Things post! If you're new here, hello, this is where I appreciate a lot of smaller things, tiny wins, mini hauls and not necessarily detailed moments that have brought absolute joy to my days. It's all about finding beauty in my everyday routine and basically chronicling my life. 

Five Things in June 2022

Anyway, June disappeared, in all honesty. It's almost as though the month was non-existent and we're already in July. Halfway through the year. Last month was absolutely a blur for me. I know I don't have to mention that because you can kinda see I started out in a most terrible burnout and blogging slump.

Nevertheless, I had lots of fun offline and I kept up with the blogosphere and my online friends. Glad I was actually making an effort. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, for the most part. That made me happy too because ~~nAtuRaL ligHtiNg~~ 

Well, that's enough rambling! Here are my Five Things in June ♡

My month in pictures

month in pictures - camera roll

month in pictures - camera roll 2

month in pictures - camera roll 3

Or whatever you'd like to call it. I know it's very business heavy but it's like my baby. I can't not be obsessed with what we have created at Sisters & Brushes. There were more but this post is gonna be lengthier than ever as it is! I just love taking beautiful pictures and looking at them over and over. It fuels me in some way. 

Second purchase from Notebook Therapy!

When I first started bullet journaling in 2018, it felt like everyone and their mother was using the Leuchtturm1917 journals. I didn't get the hype back then so I didn't get it at all. It was a few years after I was actively showcasing my bullet journal to the public eye, I was served many Notebook Therapy Instagram ad lol. I ended up checking out their Tsuki Bullet Journals. Their ad was a success, I guess.

So yeah I jumped in and bought my first Tsuki Bullet Journal to use as my 2022 journal. I got started with them in late 2021 and I haven't looked back. This time around I got their Tsuki Vintage Rose Limited Edition Bullet Journal

This is pretty shocking but I probably neglected my bullet journal for most days in June. But you know what? It's totally fine. You need a break, even from the things that usually fuel you. So I got a brand new journal just to spark the motivation in me to keep using the ones I have now! It worked. It's a good hack, y'know. Try it. But don't get over-excited.

Lost in my own thoughts

driving alone - lost in my own thoughts

driving alone - lost in my own thoughts 2

Driving without any specific place to go can be so therapeutic — that's the true tea. I don't know why this was one of the things that keeps me sane in June. I like to be alone with my thoughts, most of the time. It's another peaceful and calm 'place' I have recently discovered and I didn't let anybody in. It was bliss, at least for me. 

June in bullet journal

Yes, I slowed down my journaling pace and replaced some of the time with lots of peace and solitude. Coming to terms with myself. It was very much needed. I took time off from the journal and then returned when I felt better. 

So of course I had them filled in because, towards the end of the month, I was feeling a whole lot better and fully immersed in my happy-go-lucky habitat. Here's what my after-the-pen looks like:

june bullet journal cover & quote page

june bullet journal monthly overview

june bullet journal habit & mood tracker

june bullet journal expenses & currently page

june bullet journal gratitude & first weekly spread

june bullet journal weekly spread

Received our first big, bulk order

Landing a big order can be every small business owner's dream. Never in our wildest dreams did we think we would receive the unexpected, MASSIVE order? The moment the order happened, we were definitely in a euphoric scene. I mean, it's inevitable.

Then we planned, sculpted, painted, glazed, packaged and delivered one hundred clay pins all in over a week. We also both have other jobs outside of Sisters & Brushes. So to say the least, it was a busy but exciting week. 

sisters & brushes first big order!

There was a lot to learn from one week of intense planning and producing. We learned about the need for a required time for special orders, we took into account what is feasible with our current situation and knew how to actually charge for services offered. It was a lot to take in but it definitely was monumental for us <3
How was June treating you? What're some of your tiny joys?


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  2. Sounds like a great month! Congrats on the big order! xx
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