My Current Favourites (Lifestyle, Beauty & More)

My Current Favourites (Lifestyle, Beauty & More)

Hello, gorgeousness! I have never done anything like this before regarding favourites or must-haves. Actually, maybe I did but it was probably a looong time ago. I am well overdue for a favourites post! So I thought I would do one now just to update you with what I am currently loving, not only beauty products but other things as well. Since my review blogging has taken a bit of a backseat (promise I will get back to it soon, so many elements are making it difficult). Anyway, here's a little run-through of the bits that I currently love in every region:

Bath & Body Works 3 Wicks Candle

Bath & Body Works has some of the best candles! There's no denying that they offer the widest variety of fragrances and candles. You can't deny the waft of fragrance you get just from walking into the store and imagining what your home would then smell like. My top TOP favourite candles would be Warm Vanilla Sugar, Vanilla Bean, Mahogany Teakwood, Paris Cafe and Strawberry Pound Cake. 

Nivea Crème 

Um, this is the best RM5.90 I have ever spent on my skin. I wonder where this has been all my life?? I remember watching Soph (formerly known as SophDoesNails) on Youtube and she (and a lot of other people) said the Nivea Crème is supposed to be a dupe for the famous La Mer Cream. *clears throat*

It's like a known thing — both products have very similar ingredients although the La Mer Cream has got some extra special antioxidants. Anyway, I picked up the Nivea Crème in a heartbeat and use it day and night for the past 6-7 weeks now. I am shook that the only thing it's given me is juicy skin, no breakouts whatsoever!

I think for RM5.90 (equivalent to a dollar), I have little to lose and a lot to gain. I have oily skin and cream moisturizers usually scare the shit out of my skin but this cream has done good things on my skin and I love the glow that this cream gives me. All this for RM5.90

Catrice Goodbye Pores Poreless Blur Primer

Putting on makeup just so you can see my textures and huge pores is probably the last thing I want. That's why I am always into pore-filling primers. They smooth out your base like nobody's business. And this one right here is just a chef's kiss. 

It did whatever the Benefit Porefessional Primer does at a much more reasonable price. It goes on very smoothly, minimizes the look of my pores, blends well with my foundation and concealer and my makeup stays looking cute for a good 9 hours. If you think you have large-looking pores that even someone can sleep in your pores, get this one. It's so good. 

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Palette Set in Cottage

I recently got another set of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen. The hype is real around Tombows guys and they are well worth the money. I remember when I saved up for a week to buy my first Tombow brush pens. Now it's a staple in my stationery collection and lots of other people's collections as well.

I have tried other brush pens but the Tombow is by far my favourite and easiest to use for my bullet journal. They have a wide variety of gorgeous shades that you could ever imagine and the nylon tip is so flexible, strong, and not too bendy or too stiff. Stunning quality *insert sparkle emoji here* Are there better markers in this world than the Tombow Dual Brush Pens? Probably. But these are definitely good enough for me. 

Notebook Therapy Tsuki Vintage Rose Limited Edition Bullet Journal

Please ignore the fact that I have fallen head over heels for this bullet journal for the nth time. I know I mentioned this in my latest Five Things post but yeah no one's stopping me from mentioning it again in this post. 

I recently had the privilege to purchase another bullet journal from Notebook Therapy and it's their limited edition Vintage Rose collection bullet journal. I am well aware they're not the most affordable bullet journals in the market, but it's all worth it for that 160gsm ultra-thick no ghosting paper, plenty of pages, vegan and handcrafted covers, super duper cute designs and I am all in for their aesthetics. 

HEUS Gerv Mid-Height Pointed Toe Heels

I love high heels ever since I was 6-7 years old. Now that I am an adult, you will catch me in high heels most of the time when I am out and about. They're my favourite things to wear, although I have totally made my fair share of F-ups and poor choices. Barely survived the day, wishing I would bring a pair of flats with me lol. I have been there, my friends.

Anyway, if I am always out and about with my heels on and it's like a regular basis at this point, I am not bringing that RM300 heels out for a spin whatsoever. Hard no. That is why shops like these exist on Shopee. They're literally made for a woman like me. People always ask me where I get my heels from, saying it looks cute and expensive, they love the style whatsoever. Baby, it's from Shopee and it's freaking RM30! It's one of the best places to spend your RM30 on. 

Although the shoe quality is often time decent and somewhat comfortable, it's pretty hit or miss. I always opt for a style that gives me plenty of security and support, is comfortable for everyday wear and most importantly goes with most of my outfits.

Flexible Overhead Phone Stand

Best purchase ever for anything overhead shots, recording a process, flatlay photos, basically anything you could think of. For it being low cost and super affordable, I am finding this is working so well to support the weight of my phone. Definitely a product I can't live without now as I can't think of any other way of doing any overhead shots where my phone would look right down at the desk most of the time. 

It's so sturdy and well made. It's expandable and flexible but holds its position once set very well. The clamp is everything I need, I can clamp it on most hard edges I can find around the house. This just does the job. I have tried SO many phone stands in the past and never been truly satisfied with them but with this one, I guess I can stop searching for a good while.

Tealive Strawberry Pudding Smoothies

Tealive smoothies are just to die for! You can't sleep on this menu. It's definitely an ice cream in a cup. Actually just about perfect for hot and sunny days that is now. I understand if you're not a fan of smoothies, but you're really missing out on something so good here. It's fruity, milky, and apparently nutritious too. 

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What have you been loving, my loves?


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  2. Love Nivea! The Catrice primer sounds great too! xx
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    1. That Nivea cream is definitely my favourite discovery of 2022! Oh and the Catrice primer too - so good, so GOOD! xx

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