Hi everyone! I have a question. What's best than sleeping in your very own cozy room? Oh boy, I am so going to embrace my 20 days in here. Haha. So, before my flight home I have been to so many places and I did some shopping and I figured I would show you some of the things I bought. Yes, I said some because I forgot to bring the rest of them home. They're all at my apartment. So, yeah. Let's see what I actually got!

  • Casual basic long sleeve knit top (Red) - Padini
  • Casual long sleeve blouse tee (Stripes) - Padini
  • Fine-knit cardigan - H&M
  • Denim jacket - H&M
  • Pure Seduction Body Mist - Victoria's Secret
  • 24 pieces makeup brush set 

I have so much perfumes already and all I need was a new body mist in my fragrance collection. It smells so fresh and romantic! It is my favorite fragrance, by the way. I wrote it here but in that post it was in the older packaging and now they have the newer ones which really sophisticated and sleek looking. As for the makeup brushes, I bought it at the mini shop outside the Giant mall. It was RM48 and it was a real bummer when I saw it at other places and they were selling it at much cheaper price. Hmph!

That's about it for my collective haul. I still have quite few items that are not included, so that means more hauls! For now, I will enjoy these items I bought, wearing them regularly. For about two weeks later, I want more clothes. Yup, it is what it is. It's in my blood. Haha! I love buying new clothes for no reason, judge me. How can you resist when there is a sale? And Padini? They have like tons of good quality clothing and with quite affordable price too; I am in.

So, what items did you recently get?