Beauty Product Empties #5

Beauty Product Empties #5
Hello, gorgeousness! It's about time for another empties post. I absolutely love reading empties posts so that is why I love making one. If you think I should continue this series on the blog, let me know. I have quite many empties today so please bear with me.

So, here's beauty product empties #5:

Too Faced Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Perfecting Primer | Repurchased
I absolutely love this primer! It is a matte and pore-filling type of primer. If you have large pores to cover, you gonna love this primer. As far as oil-controlling power, I would give it a solid A-. It also has this very nice cooling effect upon applying it to the face that I really like!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner | Repurchased
One of the best hydrating toners I've ever tried! If you are suffering from breakouts or any skin issues, please consider getting a hydrating toner. It's SO GOOD for your skin. And this baby right here is a miracle in a bottle. My skin loves it so much. It gives me enough hydration to treat and calm my problematic skin. Highly recommend!

Beauty Product Empties #5

IN2IT Cover Smooth Loose Powder | Repurchased
If you're on a budget but still wanna get yourself a loose powder, look no further. I've said this many times that IN2IT makes great makeup. I always go back to this powder even though there are tons of drugstore options out there. Although this powder can make me look like I have makeup on, I don't mind it. I want to look like I have makeup on.

Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser | Will not repurchase
I totally get the hype around CeraVe products because most of them worked well on my oily skin such as this facial cleanser. It's a really nice facial cleanser to have because it doesn't irritate my skin, it's really gentle and the ingredients are on point. But! I'm currently using another phenomenal facial cleanser that I think just stole my heart completely. I might talk about it on the blog soon.

Wardah sun care sunscreen gel | repurchased
I have gone through bottles and bottles of this. I really need it in a bigger size. Anyway, if you are looking for a sunscreen that contains no alcohol, you can give this a try. My skin hates sunscreen that has alcohol in it which a lot of them has. The moment I knew that this sunscreen contains no alcohol, it immediately became a favourite.

Tarte shape tape contour concealer | repurchased
A lovely concealer that is supposed to not crease into fine lines. That's my typical answer when people ask me about Shape Tape which I do think works and it's the best. Nothing beats Shape Tape in my opinion. I wore it almost every day and I even wore it on my graduation day. I trust Shape Tape with all of my heart (getting a little emotional right here). It really is an amazing concealer.

Canmake stay-on balm rouge | will not repurchase
My aunt got this for me from Japan. I wasn't really into this lip balm at first because I think it's just the same as other lip balms that I've tried. Frankly, not quite. It performs like a lip gloss, almost?? The consistency and texture are different from what I used to. It's actually really nice but I have tons of other lip balms to finish before they have the chance to expire.

IN2IT make-up stay mineral setting mist | repurchased
I just love IN2IT, you can tell. I was also not getting paid saying nice stuff about IN2IT. It's all purely my true and honest opinion. Anyway, this setting spray is love. There, I said it. It is extremely lightweight. After spraying it once I was finished doing my makeup, it made my makeup look perfect. It definitely took away the powdery-looking face and revealed smooth and flawless makeup. I love it!

Beauty Product Empties #5

Garnier micellar water | repurchased 
Double-cleanse, people! I always, always use this to remove my makeup before going in with my usual facial cleanser. I went through bottles of this and boy was it the only micellar water that my skin absolutely loves. Although I can feel my skin is a little dry and tight after using it, it never really causes me to break out. It does its job like no other. I cannot live without this product, to be completely honest.

Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe, herbs & rosewater | will not repurchase
I hate the smell of this spray. It straight up smells like your sneeze, really. And the nozzle is not the greatest. It did spit a little and I absolutely hate when that happens. Despite the smell and the nozzle, the product itself is okay and I will consider trying other face mists that Mario Badescu has.

The body shop vitamin e gel moisture cream | will repurchase but not now
I fell in love so hard when I first tried this moisturizer. I knew I'm going to love it and the love is still going strong. It is one of the great moisturizers for my oily-combo skin gals out there.

Maybelline lash sensational mascara | repurchased
When my internet friends said this mascara is awesome, turns out they're not lying. This mascara truly is awesome. I feel like you're going to love it as well even if your lashes are pretty sad like mine. I wish I had been using it and obsessed with it since a long time ago, but the fact that I'm late to the party and I just have been using it this year baffles me.

The body shop vitamin e moisture cream | will not repurchase
To be honest, I can count on this 'just-basic' moisturizer for my oily skin. It's not half bad but my current moisturizer is better because a skincare routine can be so complicated and time-consuming that it is great when you come across one that performs phenomenally in just one step.

Maybelline instant age rewind concealer | repurchased
Drugstore makeup that outperforms luxury? Yes, please. I don't feel the need to explain myself again why I love this concealer. This is such a staple in my makeup collection. From the coverage, texture, packaging to the price - I absolutely love it.

Clinelle pureswiss hydracalm lotion | will not repurchase
This hydrating toner is okay. It is not bad but not great either. I don't like the smell of this toner - it smells like a bed of roses. But what I like about it is that it absorbs to the skin so fast though the consistency is more on the thicker side. Oh, and it didn't cause me to break out too. Thank god. But I guess, nothing beats my Vitamin E hydrating toner from The Body Shop.

Beauty Product Empties #5

Caudalie grape water mist | will repurchase but not now
I freaking love a good refreshing and lightweight face mist. This does give me all that I want in a bottle - hydration, moisture, cooling effect etc. But having a face mist like this seems a little excessive for me as of now since I want my skincare stash to be minimal hopefully by the end of this year. It is a great product though, not gonna lie.

IN2IT lash define with fibre mascara | repurchased
Another drugstore gem! If you love long, big, fat, black lashes, you will love this mascara. I know the wand itself looks like something you cannot trust to give you big, fat lashes, BUT trust me it works. It works on me beautifully. It gives me the nicest clumpy lashes. You know sometimes clumpy lashes can look ugly but this won't make you look ugly. It makes you feel like you have the most gorgeous pair of eyelashes. That's how I feel every time I wear this mascara.

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Phew, there goes my beauty product empties. That was a lot of empties! I hope you enjoyed it anyway and if you have used any of these products mentioned, please let me know what you think of them.


  1. YES!!!! wardah sunscreen very recommended! big size takde kan. haihhhh

    1. So far dia lah sunscreen yang tak buat hal kat muka. I looove it! Sayang takda saiz besar lagi. I'm sure kalau ada banyak demand, mesti dorang buat jugak xx

  2. tertarik juga dengan produk Wardah ni tapi tak pernah try lagi.

    1. I mostly tertarik dekat skincare range dia je, as far as their makeup line I tak seberapa impressed.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of empties! The Body Shop Vitamin E ones look interesting; may want to try.

    1. Haha it's been a while sis! Oh boy, that hydrating toner is love. I can't seem to love other hydrating toners available in the market lol

  4. Dah kosong kenalah beli baru ye..